All proper guys right here we go In all probability what the match that began off the present sadly I couldn’t see it it’s going to be Charlotte Aptitude Excuse me taking up naomi in a non-title matchup.

I repeat.

This can be a non-title matchup It's sort of bizarre seeing Charlotte on smackdown reside, however on the similar time I sort of dig it I do I feel they actually wanted a shake-up within the girls's division And I imply Alexa bliss is already dealing with Bailey for the uncooked girls's champion So that you by no means know nicely have that chick that look that shit appeared so much like Charlotte However males Charlotte's good wanting what? [ha] [ha] I'm simply kidding Like she's a reasonably good bod not gonna deceive you However on the similar time she appears an excessive amount of like my mother's enterprise companion it could be sort of bizarre additionally She's like nearly 40 and I'd be bizarre Charlotte not my mother's enterprise companion.

I feel my mother's enterprise companions nearly like 50 so 20 are completely different.

Hey There's a man working on the market making an attempt to seize on to Charlotte's cape factor As a result of it's so darkish out for naomi stuff All proper, right here's the uncooked so I'm sorry smackdown girls's champion Convey it to the complete all of the Jesus man, that's so brilliant Wow, it's so glow in the dead of night, however the belt doesn’t glow in any respect It doesn't look proper as a result of as a result of it doesn't glow For Naomi's entrance which is all glow, after which she has like this darkish factor That's tremendous as brilliant.

Yo Okay, you possibly can't even see [the] belt within the ring Okay, you possibly can see a part of it.

You may see the facet plates Wow, I imply that’s tremendous trippy as fuck, however Charlotte's superior Naomi's Gear ought to have been all of that gentle up, nevertheless it appears just like the purple lightning doesn't work with the remainder of it I do know I sort of preferred it the place there's just one portion that was tremendous brilliant, or that lit up all Proper there's the Bell Charlotte off the ropes boo I like it.

I really like Charlotte she's superior, however Naomi's nice, too So this must be a enjoyable little match up guys for an hour into the present which is at all times a great factor networked it We're mowing via these reveals why would a type proper to the face and now? Charlotte Aptitude laying within the boots to Naomi the present Smackdown girls's championship the yeah, the currents Merrydown girls's champion I used to be a championship Throw it throughout the ring face-first into the bottom roll brew and pin right here.

We go each other [very] fast one rely now Naomi Getting snapmare down Charlotte right into a facet headlock right here on the present girls's champion and there’s his little alliance right here between Tamina, [Natalia] and [Carmella] James, Ellsworth is there too, however no one cares about James, Ellsworth One other cowl on Naomi, however proper into the kick-out nonetheless within the facet headlock right here Good Hammerlock counter by Naomi now Charlotte is down on the shoulder That's getting labored on good Roll via by Charlotte kip-up smacking the Arm down shoving Naomi Now Charlotte is mocking naomi slightly bit right here yelling at her Good single-leg takedown.

They owe me right into a jackhammer pin Charlotte with the energy Form of energy out of it naomi with a spaceball slide to and Charlotte countered Charlotte now has a Now our arm is getting tied up right here making an attempt to succeed in for the ropes have some reprieve and naomi snapping the arm down of Charlotte twisting it over and spherical once more Charlotte with a automobile wheel tripping naomi pen to and solely a two Now Charlotte with a determine 4 headlock making an attempt to show naomi round and now hump at the back of the pinnacle I'm not kidding you that's precisely what I'm taking a look at proper now folks so now stolen to the figure-four headlock Very gradual methodical pacing to kick off the present or the kick off this match And I can't actually like fault them for it Naomi arm getting slapped down by Charlotte and take a look at this modified Jackhammer pin flip it round Dr.

Naomi's head down once more, no flipping naomi over [Gonna] put quite a lot of strain on the decrease again legs Tipped up did Charlotte who's this amazingly gifted? I'm simply pointing that out now boot proper to below the chin and Now Charlotte doing a little gloating right here.

I'm undecided if that's one of the best concept naomi take a look at this Victory roll to and Charlotte managed to kick out Charlotte the knee to the midsection of naomi driving her head down very violently now again right into a facet headlock right here on Naomi Naomi did quite a lot of hassle folks this isn’t good I imply if you wish to know me to get again into this matchup by extremely advocate doing son You recognize me again as much as her toes Charlotte getting rolled via Handstand cartwheel Brew Good takedown huge leaping complete like Drop.

Right here's a pin to and Charlotte managing to get the shoulder up once more Geez what I'd chop shades of her dad the signature flared store Naomi with a kick proper to the outer leg oh Charlotte and Charlotte a [chop] to the chest Large kick man that was a violent each other store proper to the chest of Naomi Naomi Now the Multi Kicks right here to Charlotte huge Roundhouse Charlotte goes down naomi into the pin to and no Charlotte could possibly be the primary girls's wrestler to carry the Divas champion although Wwe girls's champion the uncooked Ladies's champion and the Smackdown Ladies's champion Cementing her legacy is likely one of the best of all time.

Oh And each Charlotte and naomi go to the skin of the ring after that hurricanrana It appears like we're going to enter a break women and gents so keep tuned for extra of this glorious matchup you Alrighty guys, so I'm not solely conscious of this, however nicely I wasn't conscious till now if Charlotte Beats naomi tonight.

Oh Would possibly occur proper there with that Bizarre leg drop factor 12 and solely a two if Charlotte wins she turns into the primary contender For the smackdown girls's champion now that'd be sort of a bizarre little trade-off there Alexa bliss turns into primary contender for the uncooked girls's champion and Charlotte who gave the impression to be the primary contender on a regular basis turns into primary contender for the smackdown girls's belt 12 and Naomi kicked out Charlotte is a six-time champion I’m counting the Divas champion and the Ladies's Champion from the Wrestlemania 32 occasions as Separate title reigns [one] [two] and kick you on the market by Naomi Naomi is the second snack two-time smackdown girls's champion subsequent to Alexa bliss after Naomi was injured naomi taking didn't soak up [face-first] into the highest Turnbuckle Charlotte now Backdrop could also be no good counter by Naomi Naomi now.

Take a look at this good Attempting to do a twist right into a motion.

Oh man me proper to the again Right here's the pin once more Charlotte who and so they solely kicked out Very near and Charlotte appears like she's getting slightly bit pissed off women and gents She wants to keep up her composure right here I'll throw go Charlotte with that huge knee and no didn't hit it Doesn't appear to be Charlotte's promoting it an excessive amount of huge elbow proper to the face Naomi double toes to the snow huge kick proper to the facet of the pinnacle good counter with the counter by Naomi catching your self Attempt to admit Clothesline good Roll via by Naomi one Tried a giant discussion board naomi was a few types of our personal Form of bizarre for him for days take a look at their go geez man who to the midsection busy gosh kicking Charlotte out of her boot Hurricanrana good working Hurricanrana Shut my day homie taken Down Charlotte wheel Barrel stunner good wheel Barrel stunner there Naomi making an attempt to get the gang fired up right here.

We go.

Nope Charlotte taking naomi open good Kick naomi High Rope Crossbody 12 whoa, wow that was actually shut? Very shut boy.

I'm telling you.

This can be a hell of a match We've been having some strong motion all through the whole course of the night time.

I don't want there was extra of it As a result of I imply we solely have like 40 minutes left Fireman's carry drops are down attempt to be kick caught store proper to the chest Charlotte with a giant clothesline attempt tempt oh attempt to go for rear view however kick kicked oh pure choice 12 Charlotte is primary contender for the Smackdown [Women's] [championship] That is dangerous.

That is dangerous for Naomi's rain as a result of Charlotte simply beat her clear I'm telling you she is professionalud.

She is one of the best proper now.


I used to be insane.