This subsequent method once more comes from a Whizzerposition Pulling my opponent up off the leg and None of this can work what we've seen inclips prior If I can't get this man up off the leg If he stays on the leg then we merely staywith a sprawl Maintain stuffing the pinnacle movement attempting to sq. However we're constructing on the concept this guycomes off the leg which Many guys do and if he comes round my backit loosens loads Of issues up so right here as soon as once more Obie willgo from this place right here He sweeps in on a single and as I sprawl Ipull him up off the leg right here So it's a small sprawl in right here and I drophe comes up across the again And now any time I'm on this place withthis a lot peak and There's a gap there I can take a quickhigh step excessive step over prime However I’ve to get this leg inside and getthat foot in there so I can Lock myself in so I'm right here large excessive step andnow I wrap the physique right here And now I wanna go along with the sluggish fall to themat and management this place Right here so I arch right here hit and now I ought to belocked in and I can settle Proper right here for a close to fall place or maybea attainable pinning mixture (Dwell wrestling till finish of video).