Now we're gonna take that chest lockposition, cease our opponent and now this time after we've sprawled and cleared our hipsour opponent doesn't come again up.

So now we're gonna look to make that right into a twopoint flip place right here on the mat.

So, Drew's taking his shot.

I've chest lockedhim.

I've stopped him.

I've cleared my hips.

Now what's necessary is that this if my opponentattempts to submit up on his palms and begin to construct his place again up, nowI create some area there.

Identical to we took our knee up underneath his chest.

on our ft.

Now we're going to try this similar movement however now let's ensure that we get our hips in.

What I'mtrying to do is buckle Drew's head up underneath his chest right here and it's gonna be anice onerous pop once more we're search for that aspect place right here however I’m going up from my kneesI pop up and I step and I arch my again.

Once more from this angle watch this inside leg are available.

I'm gonna flip to this proper aspect I'm throwing my hips in onerous heavy and I'm actually attempting toget a pleasant again arch from right here low to the bottom on the mat.

So I come again in, pop after which we glance to stomach down and search for our spins our what's accessible.

(Stay wrestling till the top of video).