This subsequent single leg is a seatbelt toss andit's primarily based on my opponent whizzering and he's making an attempt to maintain his foot inside my crotch.

He doesn't need me to get it exterior on my hip or inside.

So he's whizzering, tryingto keep heavy, foot' s in my crotch and I could make this transfer a three typically you get luckyand you may make it right into a 5, relying in your arch right here.

So I absorb my single legshot right here.

Obe goes whizzer, I convey up and we're caught right here on this place.

I can'tget the foot out.

All I wish to do is climb up now.

So I take this hand, I climb deep,I’m going deep behind the knee right here, as I try this, as soon as I wrap, now I can change off and I cango to that seatbelt.

And now we do a reverse step.

I'm going to take this leg and I wantto step throughout his physique for my again arch.

So deep, I seatbelt, now I step and now Iarch.

(Reside wrestling till the top of video).