What's up everybody? My identify is John, and that is the WrestlingReport.

First up, we've acquired some information in regards to the mainevent of TLC.

It's going to be Dean Ambrose challengingAJ Types for the WWE World championship in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match.

This was introduced by Shane McMahon on TalkingSmack with Daniel Bryan.

And this match clearly goes to takeplace as a result of Dean Ambrose turned the primary contender when he defeated Types lastnight.

Additionally, I wished to offer a fast replace on SurvivorSeries, as I mentioned earlier this week that Randy Orton would most likely miss Survivor Sequence.

This was assumed to be as a consequence of Randy's wifegiving delivery across the time.

However Orton was introduced for the 5 on 5 survivorseries match between the lads of Uncooked and Smackdown Dwell.

Subsequent, we’ve acquired an enormous return coming upsoon.

On November 15th, for Smackdown’s 900thepisode, The Undertaker will probably be making his return.

Now we have not seen The Deadman since he defeatedShane at Wrestlemania 32.

It makes since for Taker to return, as hehas been an enormous a part of Smackdown and can return to have fun this big milestone.

Lastly, we've acquired some information in regards to the cruiserweights.

So the cruiserweights have arrived on RAWand additionally carry out on NXT, however WWE has determined to kick it up a notch.

WWE introduced that the WWE community will showcasea new program known as 205 Dwell, which I'm fairly certain I a reference to the 205 pound weightlimit to be a cruiserweight.

It will air proper after Smackdown Dwell.

Which means that Speaking Smack will probably be pushedback after 205 Dwell, and this greater than possible means higher publicity for the cruiserweights.

How do you’re feeling in regards to the cruiserweights gettingtheir personal program? And this has been the Wrestling Report.

I hope you're all have an amazing week; thankyou a lot for watching Wrestling Hub, and I'll see you tomorrow with extra wrestlinginformation.

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