– [ Shay Carl ] Please pay attention.

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in the event you don't they might die! three TIME KID WRESTLING CHAMP!! ( music enjoying ) ( Viewers commotion/ cheering ) ( Whistle blowing ) – Time! – [ Josh ] Woo Hoo! – [ Josh ] Give him a hug, Wills.

Not too laborious, not too laborious.


How was that? Your first match.

– Arduous.

– [ Josh ] Oh, oh, oh don't choke him.

Cease him, cease him.

– [ Josh ] Come right here.

Let me see ya.

Breathe Breathe.

Was that arduous? Was laborious one? – [ Josh ] We've obtained a private coach right here for Tayden.

Hey, whats up? – Hey dudes.

– Thanks for coming, bro.

– He's little wrestler.

He killed it on the market.

– So in the event you guys don't know this Tayden has extreme bronchial asthma.

And it doesn't impact him.

He, is mentally within the sport.

And uh, we’ve to remind him to breathe and stuff.


Man he’s a trooper, guys.

I get so nervous watching this.

– [ Josh ] What are you doing? – I'm crossing my fingers, I'm crossing my arms, I'm crossing my ft and I'm crossing my toes.

For Tayden to win.

– For Tayden to win? That's so good! Tayden's obtained another match within the championship spherical.

If he wins it.

Then he wins it.

If not then I feel they should wrestle one other time however.

We'll see if his vitality holds out and the way properly he does.

He appears in good spirits proper now however these different youngsters need it unhealthy too.

So, we'll see.

– Wrestle! – Wrestle! – [ Josh] You gotta get an arm.

You gotta get an arm, Tayden! Put your head again.

Put your head again! Hey, assist him up.

Assist him up.

Come right here.

Give me a hug.

Hey go inform him good job, dude.

Go inform him he did job, okay? – My dad taught me a brand new transfer and it completely paid off! I beat um, the child like by doing the transfer.


First I’d pretend go down after which he would come, I’d seize and flip him over.

And I’d tuck my, like right here's his head dealing with ahead, and I’d pop it round and seize his arm with my different hand.

Seize it and similar to lay on him.

– Yeah.

– And I pinned him the second time.

– Sure! I taught him one thing proper! – We had three, um, like rounds.

– Hey you're the defending champion, dude.

How's it really feel? – Superior! I obtained first place! ( Laughing ) – Hey what do you wish to do now? – [ Nikoi ] Go get McDonald's.

– Go to McDonald's! ( Laughing ) Oh , okay.

Is that the place you wish to go? Give your brother a hug.

Give him a hug! Give him a hug! Go, go! Give him a hug, William.

Give him a hug.

– I received! – William is so drained.

Give him a hug, Nikoi.

– William, I winned.

I received! – Hey, hey.

I do know mother needs she was right here proper now however we're each very happy with you, dude.

Thanks for placing all of your coronary heart and soul into, dude.

You’re a champion, bud! Love you, dude! Inform uncle Matt thanks.

Go give him an enormous hug! – [ Matt ] Is that this yours? – [ Josh ] Yeah.

– Good job, buddy! Woo hoo! Good job, dude.

– Good job, Bubba! Good job, brother! Good job! – Alright properly it appears to be like I gotta go deal with this champ to some Mickey D's.

That's what he needs! – [ Josh ] Tayden – What? What are you consuming, bro? – Hamburger and fries.

The place are we at? – McDonald's – Do you want coming right here? – Yeah.

– [ Nikoi ] Outdated McDonald had a farm, ee i ee i oo.

( Chuckles ) – Um, I don't assume it was fairly the identical Outdated McDonald, however.

It may very well be, I suppose.

William, do you want McDonald's? Yummy, huh? I really like consuming at McDonald's.

Once I was a child, Ioved it.

As an grownup or large child, I adore it.


( Buzzing McDonald's theme music ) I'm lovin' it.

I'm lovin' it.

Ok eat your meals after which go play, okay? Perhaps I'll have you ever take the digicam in with ya.

– [ Nikoi ] I needed to do it! I wish to do it.

– [ Tayden ] I'll do it.

– I wish to do it as a result of I've by no means obtained to.

– We'll see.

Perhaps I'll allow you to each do it.

– I've by no means obtained to.

– Okay.

Sit down, William.

Take a look at this child.


Sit down, buddy.

Eat your meals.

Otherwise you don't get to go play.

He actually doesn't care.

How do you’re employed with that? He's not even workable.

He's simply too cute.

He doesn't pay attention.

– [ Tayden ] Hey Koi! So yeah we're right here in McDonald's.


We're gonna present you a tour into the playground.

Da da dun dun.

Da da dun dun.

Koi wait up! Hey Koi wait up! – [ William ] No! – Hey okay.

– [ Nikoi ] Ok let me.

– [ Tayden ] Oh she's doing the monkeys.

– One sec.

– Drop! – We're gonna do a practice.

Me, William and Nikoi.

Seize onto my again.

– Ahhhhh ( Laughing ) William – Don't! Nikoi – We're alleged to be doing a choo choo practice! – [ Tayden ] Bub, we're alleged to do a choo choo practice.

– Don't! – [ Tayden ] She didn't try this.


– [ Josh ] Hey Tayden did you maintain it like this? Once you did it? – Yeah.

– Once you went down the slide? – Yeah.


– William wasn't having it? – Yeah he wa.

I'm like, Bub seize my shoulder and put your legs round mine.

And he's like, nooo! Noo! – Hey how was your, uh.

( Clearing throat ) How has this been? Was this rewarding sufficient for ya? – Yeah.


Eat up, champ.

( Music enjoying ).