PIPPA THE RIPPER: These are guys that want wrestling.

They want to be scissored, theywant to be put in headlocks, some of them want to be knocked out by my thighs.

COMM: Hidden behind hundreds of unassuming terraced London houses is the red padded matroom of The Submission Room.

PIPPA THE RIPPER: I have been wrestling for about 10 years.

I have had The SubmissionRoom about five.

We offer wrestling sessions.

There’s a fantastic group of girls thatare very skilled and strong and guys come and wrestle them.

PUSSY WILLOW: You ready to tap? PIPPA THE RIPPER: The guys come for all differentsorts of reasons.

For some guys it is a fetish, a lot of the guys come because it’s really goodfun, it’s a good way to keep fit.

Some of the guys do want to win, generally we win.

COMM: The Submission Room has 23 female wrestlers for men chose from on their impressive roster.

Among them are Pussy Willow and Amethyst Hammerfist.

AMETHYST HAMMERFIST: I tried to explain it to some of my friends.

It’s quite difficultfor people, they think ‘Oh, so do they get off on it and do they orgasm? Do they wantto have sex with you?’ and I’m like, ‘If they wanted sex, they could go to someoneand buy sex and probably a lot cheaper.

’ PUSSY WILLOW: And a lot quicker.

You can have sex delivered to your door quicker than a Domino’s pizza.

PUSSY WILLOW: Being a dominatrix privately and professionally and a sensual masseuse,and all these sorts of things, so I have come into it from that angle.

And I must say whenI found wrestling I felt like I had found my true calling.

I’m sure you feel withme on this one.

AMETHYST HAMMERFIST: Always been feisty and aggressive, a bit too much, so when I foundthe wrestling it literally saved me, because now I have an outlet where every day I canbe feisty and aggressive in a safe place and get paid for it.

COMM: One of the gym’s regular clients is council worker Steve.

STEVE: I suppose I have been coming back herethree-four years now, something like that.

STEVE: I think wrestling is a great sport, always have done.

But I don’t want to rollback on this floor with a sweaty bloke and this is the thing with most guys.

They think,look at that, look how sexy that is, somebody sitting on his face, that must be so sexy.

Do you know what, 0.

01 of a second before they sit on your face, yes it’s sexy.

Oncethen, you think, I can’t breathe, that stops being a sexy very quickly.

It will frightenthe life out of most people if they did it.

STEVE: I’m having trouble breathing now.

WILFRIED: I have always been into sports.

Since I’m a bit, I’m a kinky guy, on theinternet I found out there was a wrestling scene, like happening like next door to mein London.

Wrestling is kind of fun to me because it caters not only to the kinky me, butalso to an athlete fit me.

STEVE: That was great, I mean it’s, I actually fought back really really hard, I don’tnormally do that, and it makes it a lot more fun.

When Pippa had me in a figure four triangle,she had her leg pushing on my carotid artery and I was actually starting to see stars.

STEVE: If I hadn’t tapped out and she kept going, it wouldn’t be long until I passedout.

You know, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and have a lot of bruises.

PIPPA THE RIPPER: There is absolutely no type of person that comes.

We have young people,old people, rich people, poor people, people that have been into wrestling for years, peoplethat have just discovered it and think that looks fun.

COMM: Pippa the Ripper says business is growing all the time, as more people like Steve findout about the gym.

COMM: In the near future, she hopes to move into a bigger premises and run live wrestling events.

PIPPA THE RIPPER: I really don’t know what I’d be doing if I hadn’t found wrestling.

I get a huge kick out of it.

I love learning about my body and how I can use it in different ways.

STEVE: In case you are wondering, that’s my throat.

That’s where I breathe through.