women and gents girls and boys youngsters of all ages my majestic universe, I’m taking at yale dwell for [impact] [wrestling] sadly and tonight we're beginning off with the Eddie Edwards and Matt sidell match this can be a most important occasion high quality match and that is what we're beginning off with additionally I Do not need it muted.

I don't know what occurred with the audio.

We had it for a second We'll professionalbably have it once more in a bit, however that is going to be our opening contest Matt sidell and Eddie Edwards [all] proper right here.

We go match beginning off this can be a nice class not a conflict of types, nevertheless it's undoubtedly a very good type alternative and Additionally [a] very stable approach to kick off some impression Okay, there.

We go lock up right here between the 2 Now edwards driving seidel into the nook and seidel breaking it or at the very least Eddie Edwards breaking a clear seidel doing his peace signal and usually what occurs then like I stated, I imply We're professionalbably not going to get an entire lot of dialogue in your entire all through the in contest this night, however typically we're right here for the matches [and] if there's a large-scale Promo I suppose we would simply have [to] skip it due to the shortage of audio.

I'll attempt to Rectify the state of affairs when a industrial break occurs since we're doing this dwell good undergo right here.

[bye] Eddie edwards [tipping] up oh and Alicia edwards is along with her husband.

They’re truly married.

I’m very jealous Good Hammerlock there seidel good counter.

Good wrestling takedown Edwards countered seidel with a kip out and the great feeling the kinds right here between the 2 rivals enjoyable stable approach to kick off the present undoubtedly and I hope you guys loved the video when you do give [it] a like subscribe and share Donate to the present with the Paypal hyperlink down beneath and comply with all of the stuff down beneath within the description [lock] into a very good facet headlock right here on Matt sidell Seidel now oh and Sambar Surrey is july 2nd off the ropes goes edwards shoulder block takedown Now edwards actually feeling the state of affairs now off the ropes seidel leaping over No, Clothesline missed Good hurricanrana there by Matt sidell taking down edwards massive kick proper to the higher leg there it’s once more proper to the thigh professionalbably higher than say the precise title [of] physique components simple shoulder into the midsection of Edward seidel going as much as the highest rope after he's taken up and over to the aprofessionaln and now edwards Gonna throw seidel up with [seidel] nice counter into her can run a very good stable Dropkick Driving edwards into the nook seated place.

This isn’t the place you need to be while you're taking over mass idealities and Diamond operating me I suppose like outdoors knee proper to the face of Edwards right here's the pin right here.

We go one two and solely a two edwards managing to get the shoulder up Oh, God.

What was the aip you stood for once more? I can't even bear in mind proper now It's truly sort of good not having to listen to Josh Mathews In order that's all the time a optimistic factor seidel locking up for perhaps a California dream very brutal maneuver right here a legs tangled up with the bridge pulling up on the top as part of Matt's Adele's physique Contortion a few elbows proper to the face now seidel Form of attempt to get the higher hand right here seidel perhaps a SuPlex Edwards countered Seidel roll by Edwards counters facet of an elbow to the face off [the] ropes.

What's this oh man? what a blue thunder bomb on seidel – no solely a – I'm telling [Ya] I [feel] like all the fucking wrestling matches in impression wrestling are very closely Although they're very fast you Comprehend it's optimistic and detrimental on the identical time it truly is Edwards Former World Champion massive chop proper to the chest of seidel at is debut Match final week [I] did watch [the] present final week It was [ok] [on] they need to preserve dropping followers one other chopped proper to the chest I Don't understand how they will afford it they’ve 150,000 folks watching it dwell for one in every of them.

It's like it's so unusual our throats goes facet down our throats go inform you how massive elbow to the face by edwards to nonetheless solely a [2] However yeah, I noticed I noticed the data there on F4W on-line and it's like It's unhappy it truly is that there's some it's simply nonetheless that entire impression wrestling Moniker and the truth that they preserve screwing their shit up make head, however proper [to] the face by Eddie edwards like I stated former World champion two-time x division champion 5 instances tag staff champion the one title that Eddie edwards has not gained is the Grand champion Seidel taking edwards off geese below massive kick proper to the shoulder Clothesline miss seidel.

Good roll by [solar] Traditional Seidel one [-] [no] So solely a [-] seidel attempt to the clothesline edwards has a month.

Oh man.

We modified F5 maneuver, Edwards attempting to get the group behind him and the group undoubtedly appears like they're getting behind him like I stated I'd no audio operating kind to the face seidel go to counter of the Irish whip roll by massive heel Kick by Seidel he wants to seek out some approach to get again into this and rattling it That's precisely what he must do get again into the match begin taking folks out.

That's what that you must do Some stable stuff women and gents I'm undoubtedly having fun with my day.

I hope you guys are as properly, and I do thanks for becoming a member of for becoming a member of me right here for becoming a member of us right here for impression I do know you could possibly watch impression, however you resolve to observe me for some purpose a few good kicks proper to the thigh once more massive leaping kick and there's a pleasant standing moonsault there by seidel – no little Traditional Seidel For the pin.

That is truly been a enjoyable little [matchup] right here I'm shocked we have now not had a Industrial break for the competition is definitely the primary impression wrestling stream that has labored very well for the present And I'm very glad about that really [sidell] Eats an elbow proper to the face edwards to the second Rope seidel leaping hurricanrana From the bottom to the highest rope superb – and no edwards nonetheless managed to get the shoulder up Women and gents this has been a unbelievable Contest the place the hell are the commercials are we going to have commercials? Like I don't thoughts if we don't as a result of I'll simply give me extra time for issues later.

I’ve to redo [my] web site That's for my artwork folks operating Clothesline there by Seidel good Clothesline Roll by to the surface [Seidel] springboard.

Oh, man good Kick by Eddie edwards Seidel is on the surface of the ring Eddie edwards.

[oh], [no].

You understand what's coming subsequent I [think] we is perhaps getting a little bit little bit of a Suicide Die by Eddie Edward right here, we Go nailed it wow That was an intense suicide dive in Edwards sort of went face first into the aprofessionaln oh man He sort of bought jacked up there too like his neck bent backwards, okay.

We’re going to have commercials so keep tuned for extra superior you Alright papes.

We're again We simply noticed the chin taker which is a backpack stunner Peganum a seidel this can be a nice match truly Enjoyable Little matchup to kick-off impression wrestling, so I'm below the direct assumption every little thing else goes to go downhill from right here We’ve got a world fourth championship match between Magnus and Alberto EsMa throw, and I imagine that tonight I feel attempting to perhaps do a double underhook one thing or one other good counter there by Seidel massive elbow proper to the face second Rope is Eddie edwards now edwards [oh] man second rope Codebreaker to seidel now double underhook the previous attempting to attempt to a Energy Bob boone no inside Del Countered right into a hurricanrana pit virtually bought it there as properly, matt sidell Clearly previously referred to as evan bourne they preserve mentioning that [it's] like okay? Yeah, we go Excuse me.

We bought it That is superior.


It’s truly loads of enjoyable.

I'm digging this match I like Alyssa edwards out on the surface there Mm-hmm.

What sorry I bought overly distracted don't fear I'm all good women and gents No professionalblem, [sidell] high row or a second rope with Edward seidel going all the best way up stairs Child, what's this seidel taking loads of time? Oh? Oh oh? my God Eddie Edwards moved out of the best way seidel legs hit the highest rope He lands proper on his knee proper on his knee and you know the way unhealthy [that] knee is useless some useless wants that [damaged] Talking of knee Eddie Edwards simply ate your entire Knee why would a very good knee? My Lake home, Dutch matty z has two million followers on Twitter.

You don't have two million follows Josh.

Mathews you dick capturing star press by facet [L12] Seidel beats a former world champion That's a giant [wind] [foresight].