All proper, [oh], God it's a congo Kong match properly guys fortunately.

I’ve truly you consider Congo Kong pray As you guys are fucking excited that’s Congo Kong that’s the finest image actually I may discover of this man This tremendous although we will make it work, however he’s [a] huge Mom fucker and Clearly Laurel [Bayonetta's] with him.

I don't know why however she is They should eliminate this wedding ceremony gown bullshit Isn't she a wrestler doesn't she wrestle matches like Congo Kong is professionalbably going to squash some jobber yep, and laurel bayonets like takes a wyatt ah There’s actually no level to any of this [or] [oh] Vanessa's dropping her thoughts Kongo Kong is Like have a look at the gorgeous drunk woman Her breasts the breast cups have like this bizarre tint to them can they like Change her out of this Please and assume oh, I assumed these a chick that was like a chick um William weeks, is that his title? Now she's yelling at congress calling to kill him properly there’s the bell This man's gonna die he wants preventing he simply will get a headbutt to the shoulder.

Then there it’s once more There’s a third time Kong throwing this little [pin] go man Okay, he lanes a extremely unhealthy within the Turnbuckle Now kongo calling stepping proper on the throne economic system bro proper on the chest now.

[I] imply this man's enormous in comparison with this little Weirdo would she God properly knock him out a forearm stepping proper on his chest Kongo now oh God properly he simply died off the ropes huge.

Wow what an in depth, what a clothesline? You understand you've finished sucked up when this has been the most effective match of [your] complete fucking present by an extended shot That is probably the most entertaining [I] like in all the sequence [the] cleanest Can't go come with out my information Chokeslam a backbreaker one Like how borel van [ness] is yelling at [congress] [on] [saying] it's not finished but? Now one other choke slam Backbreaker Lauro van ness is yelling for it once more, and oh man a 3rd time Kongo Kong hooks this man by the mouth dragging him within the nook and Now Kongo Kong Rolling transfer God the Cannon Ball into the nook this man has been killed This man standing like I'm fairly positive not solely is he lifeless however three generations Is that [Mauro] [Mauro] Vanessa's going as much as the highest Kongo Kong goes up there to? Congo with a splashing doll.

Oh my God oh My [God] he's [dead] [one] two Three [oh] that was the most effective match of the evening By an extended shot Laurel van ness is doing good congo cognate severely improfessionalved.

I adore it when he kills Jabbers.

Oh It's enjoyable.

[oh] my God.