The following is an arm-wrestling Contest Introducing first , from west newbury, massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds, John cena I got to tell you, i don't have a good feing about this Well, I cannot disagree John Cena tore his pectoral tendon And in surgically repaired and certainly We heard some threatening words in The contract signing from randy orton earlier Tonight, when you have an arm wrestling match With mark henry, for some reason He tears that fully recovered pec of yours You and i are Still on At no way out Regardless And then, Ladies and gentlemen, look who made their large appearance the 400 plus pound Mark Henry and then, baaam quicker than a hiccup, as deadly as a–as a viper was the rko for the wwe champion Oh An imposing sound and a more imposing sight and weighing in at 410 pounds, he is the world's strongest man, Mark Henry John Cena may have had enough time here tonight to recover from that rko But had he had enough time to recover from the surgery? That's the question that's about to be answered You won't be.

Mark Henry is at leats 410 pounds, a forme olympian There's never a good time to challenge the strongest man it the world to an arm wrestling contest much if you're coming off pectoral surgery And the strongest man in the world covers A lot of territory wouldn't you say? And i'm not being facetious either [Music] Henry is big, Powerful, belligerent Talented Idon't know, but Mark Henry, in his life, has ever lost an arm wrestling Come on Ready for this, gentlemen? Need you elbows here, gentlemen Now, you guys go when i say go Need your elbow here Okay Check the oil on his hands Oil on his hands? Come on, what are you doing? He's got oil on his hands You're The World's Strongest man What are you talking about,huh? I need you to get there He Doesn't have Anything Oil?I need you start this Come on Come on, back here, back here, Cena I need your elbow here Let's go Man,look at his hand, man, right there What do you mean look at his hand What are you talking about? I just checked it.

Hold on, John.

Hold on, Hold on Hey, hey I ain't scared Come on.

Are we gonna start this? You want to go?You want to get this Hey What are you doing?I was [INDISTICNCT] this Oh, that was cheap You okay , Cena? Come on.

Let's go.

You wait until i say go Okay.

I'm ready now, i'm ready You wait until i say go I'm Ready, Come On Oh, Cheap.

does That Count? Of course it didn't count Right now.

Put your hand there I'll say go Come on Get your hand up here Don't look at me, don't [INDISTINCT]On me, boy Come on Come on Oh, Yeah GO There we go.

Mark Henry, the 410 – POUND,world's strongest man About to put John Cena Down Look at the strain on the face of the number one contender And the strain that's going to be that pectoral muscle Cena needs to use those – – As much strength that he can with that forearm, but Cena is giving it everything he's got Look at–he's backed up almost even with henry Well, just about back how we starded And Cena Look at this With everybody he's got, Look at this Can Cena do it? Can Cena do it? Mark henry has got it Blocked Good grief.

The power and strengthof both of these two men I don't think – – hey, look at this One–hey, there's Orton, Randy Orton Oh, Hey, Hey Orton, and once again, FU And Orton run like a scalded dog Oh, my God Oh, my God Look out Look at the power Oh , my GOD Good loard, Almighty John Cena just fu'd the world's strongest man John Cena just knocked 400 plus pounds, up and delivered an FU Absolutely Amazing It's –Orton's amazed as well Cant't believe his eyes Well, Tonight There was no way out for mark henry the world's strongest man And in 13 days, there may be no way out for the WWE CHAMPION.