The VICE doc that can comply with This extraordinarily violent scenes.

Spectators troubled by violent acts favor to observe one other video.

The viewer may have been duly warned.

[TOURNAMENT OF DEATH] On the very backside.

Layer it, it's heavy.

Layer it.

Yeah, shoot it.

You need that tape on this field? Yeah.

Thanks dude.

I return to the state of affairs.

I don’t want barbed wire on my bat as a result of if I hit, she clung to you and I’ve to tug it out.

Whereas no barbed I do bam bam bam.

You perceive ? Whenever you see a chair like that.

that she served on somebody's head.

DJ Hyde.

That is the man for you to prepare a event like that yearly.

The Event of dying stands for 15 years.

However it's not like all wrestling seen on TV at Wrestlemania and firm.

It is usually professional wrestlers, however they clap it with all types of weapons to entertain the 1000’s of people that come from the four corners the world to see matches in wrestling dying.

It's actual.

It's tremendous true.

Fucking God.

It's your ass, Timmy? It’s the world's largest event of such a catch, and I swear that can change you for every part you've seen.

So, man, you're bleeding ass? No blood.

for now.

One may say that Delaware suburbs are hungry for hardcore wrestling.

DJ Hyde was professional wrestler for years, and he has fought everywhere in the world for packing containers like WWE and Massive Japan Professional Wrestling.

It now has one of many wrestling corporations the most well-liked of the area.

Fight Zone Wrestling, aka CZW.

In truth, the previous WWE champion, Dean Ambros, educated to DJ wrestling college, a component CZW.

It sends a bucket of bugs, he falls.

In response to WWE requirements, CZW is clearly an unbiased operation at any finances.

Hardcore HQ CZW is within the pavilion of the grandmother DJ, the place he lives together with his spouse, Lauren.

You've already taken a sunburn.

I spent the day outdoors.

After just a few hours with DJ, doubt, CZW, it's him.

Even his room was reworked mass manufacturing middle of the DVD of CZW.

And within the basement, I nonetheless have tons.

This present, there was our Wrestlemania.

There are 2 sorts Masada and Matt Tremont, who participated within the event.

We didn’t, and other people needed to see this present.


So I'm going to stay till 6 am.

And put the present on-line tomorrow.

Principally, that's my job.

I pose in entrance of the pc and.

I flip off it for some time.

It's humorous to WWE it’s a sort that controls every part, it's Vince McMahon.

However CZW, it’s a sort that controls every part, but in addition he has to do virtually something.

Right here I'll provide you with an instance.

Everybody has to have blood exams.

You can’t have permits till every part shouldn’t be performed.

I’ve to current these papers.

Then I will need to have four different permits for that license.

In wrestling, persons are powerful, that's apparent.

Do you already had conflicts that made you go on the opposite aspect of the regulation? I used to be at all times in sports activities.

I performed soccer for four years.

I went to Penn State.

I had a full scholarship.

I made the anterior cruciate and collateral tibia of his proper leg on the primary day.

After 9 operations I went out into the true world and I labored within the financial institution.

I gained some huge cash.

Many badly.

I went to a celebration, and that evening I drank 2 bottles of tequila.

So I made a decision to go dwelling in money.

I have no idea how I managed, however on arrival, I noticed one thing I mustn’t have seen.

My then-girlfriend was in mattress with one other man.

I threw the man out the window of the third flooring.

And when the cops confirmed up, I used to be redoing her face.

The primary cop grabbed me and I’ve handed over me.

And the second, I despatched him the elbow within the face.

Then I took a shot taser and I awakened at Troop 2 at Newcastle.

Then I went to Gander Hills State Jail which is in Wellington and spent about eight months.

After I was there, I misplaced every part.

And I used to be the largest wrestling fan you might discover.

So it was at all times with me.

Fucking followers.

A second.

Fight Zone Wrestling, what can I do for you? – Good day ? – Hello, I'm Angie Gordon.

– My identify Per- – Telemarketing.

Waste of time.

We confirmed you that.


I had forgotten that you just had it.

Is razor blades.

Principally, we take them, it breaks like that and we minimize to the pinnacle.

That's how they bleed generally.

Realistically, if a man takes a shot bat with barbed within the head, a standard man will surprise why this doesn’t bleed.

I feel that's why individuals criticize wrestling it doesn’t make sense as a result of, you see, MMA, when somebody takes a fist within the mouth, it could bleed.

Sure, however you've seen the true fights.

Not true ? You've seen guys who’re 10 breads and something.

Sure, however.

That is the approach.

We're purported to be educated professional athletes who know what they’re doing.


Type the hammer, it’s a choice that may kill you.

The whole lot we do.


Give me your hand.

I see you coming.

Here’s a wrist key.

How do you promote? Watch everybody.

OK, you see my thumbs.

You realize the place they’re? Look.

I may break her wrist with my thumbs.

– That’s true.

– You see ? It may blow my wrist if he needed.

It’s a wrist key.

This is without doubt one of the most elementary issues we do.

It's cool that DJ has not farted my wrist as a result of we're pals.

At a DJ at drive time is the household farm within the countryside of Delaware.

And we’re right here to assist put together the largest occasion of the 12 months of the CZW.

The ring will probably be precisely.

And if a farm in the midst of Delaware could seem a humorous place for an enormous wrestling occasion Delaware is without doubt one of the few states that also permit wrestling matches of dying, essentially the most violent type of leisure wrestling.

I really feel it's my CZW coaching program in digital actuality.

And on the earth of wrestling fights to dying nothing compares to the Event of Demise DJ Hyde.

Given the accidents and the dangers to be actually dangerous, why the wrestlers come again? It's completely different for each man.

Some have at all times needed to do this.

Others want cash.

You must pay the payments.

And we gained a bit.

Within the worst case, whether it is as stunning tomorrow we will have a thousand individuals.

At $ 25 a head, it's a present for 25,000 .

However it’ll price us 20 to prepare every part.

So if I win 5000, it's cool.

And I’ve to reinvest, not together with flyers, the show panel which price 1 000 bales per 30 days.

As well as, I pay my mortgage.

And payments of the telephone which might be rising.

So I'll solely win a thousand .

It’s not the lots, and the purpose is to make cash.

That is the primary time I put on a full mattress of nails.

In all probability the primary time I put on.

Laying her nails up.

Don’t worry, that is my first time, however I'm not blue.

By the start of the present, the place will probably be full stuff introduced by followers.

What’s the craziest weapon fan has ever returned? A gun.

A gun ? Direct, a pistol.

A sword.

As soon as, Marvin introduced a sword and he or she was sharp.

He mentioned: "I convey her again into the ring.

" I mentioned, "There are methods, it’s a must to know to do issues.

" These tips, Damian, it's known as a structural gusset.

You realize why it’s used? It’s in building, when you- You see the brackets to carry the planks in place? Yeah, that's what they use to repair the roofs in homes.

So we will make a board, otherwise you put it on a bat, and take a look at this.

– My God ! – As I informed you, it matches robotically.

It's already in my head.

There I not press an excessive amount of, however think about somebody like me or Masada that you just broke the highest.

That's a kenzan typically is used to floral design.

It was Kobayashi, Jimmy, proper? In all probability the craziest factor I've seen do.

Kobayashi was there, and it was Nicky? Yeah, Nicky.

Nicky was hit there and broke in his head.

With a chair.

And like I mentioned, is metal actual chairs.

We needed to take away him.

He was held together with his toes on it, and we needed to take a grip to take away him.

It's the identical with all the straightforward stuff.

The chair photographs is as outdated as time.

You hit with the flat, it's safer.

If you would like, you may go on my again.

I took quite a lot of.

So the man do it like that, then he’ll come right here.

You will need to sort it.

It's like a seesaw.

In truth, you realize, I maintain down, however I'll depart flexibility in my fingers and.

Whore ! It's not horrible.

However take a look at the chair.

Technically, it was damaged.

Yo, on my again, DJ.

On my again, whore.

It's not that horrible.

It's fairly terrible.

The unique creator and proprietor of the agency is John Zandig.

And on the final present, he confirmed and interrupted me in full promo.

I'll let you know one thing about John Zandig.

Fucking God! What? He's there ! What is that this insanity ? Typically, by way of characters, I'm the dangerous man.

After I say "the dangerous man", the gang will sing: "DJ fuck you" and stuff like that.


John is the equal of Hulk Hogan for them.

Principally, John led the corporate for 10 years.

From a small indie factor in New Jersey, he has made this worldwide phenomenon.

He's older, he has a number of children, an actual job.

And psychologically, I feel it was gone.

And I, after I returned to CZW, it was the Event of dying eight, and I’m accountable to me.

And he mentioned: "Sooner or later you may be a very good promoter.

" Two months later, I used to be operating the corporate.

And I mortgaged the home of my grandmother to purchase it.

There are additionally children within the viewers, or is it largely adults? Who needs to return.

Who needs to return.

The time has come.

All of the work of DJ boils all the way down to today.

all of the land of followers arrive within the farm his mother and father whereas we end preparations Event of Demise 15.

T-shirt distributors settled, medical workers prepares for the worst and technical workers ensures that the devices of torture are unsustainable atrocity.

To the delight of followers, lots of the largest names in wrestling dying gathered right here.

As we speak's present guarantees to be the very best ever given.

First time ? Actual.

Seasoned veteran.

And legend.

You needed to grow to be a wrestler or particularly a wrestler deathmatch? I prefer to see myself as a flexible wrestler however I largely do the sport with out dying.

Yeah yeah.

However I'm completely happy to be right here, and I hope to show I can even ship on this fashion.

And if you wish to sort in hardcore, Masada is without doubt one of the greatest wrestlers dying video games on the earth.

So should you go to a event, face a lot higher.

Behind all these bodily ache, there are a psychological nervousness.

And whenever you calm psychological nervousness who’s behind you gonna do, the bodily half shouldn’t be so horrible.

It's not nice, however what I do was small in comparison with the way you think about.

What’s it for you may be very completely different from what it’s for me.

The principle factor is that now we have a loyal fan base.

And never right here.

It’s worldwide.

When individuals like what you do and so they assist you.

It’s the best event on the earth at this time.

Everybody is aware of the Event of dying.

And everybody is aware of the CZW.

Whereas the affluence will increase, pending swimsuit.

And one factor turns into very clear.

The followers are usually not there to see DJ.

Is your relationship with this agency is stronger a possession or one thing like that? Clearly.

Masada, Danny, Dev.

What extra ? And if I say DJ Hive, what does that imply for you? It's a shit.

– Why ? – Sure why ? It highlights.

It has led to such and such a time.

My balls, sure! Two phrases, "John Zandig", or ought to I say three? "John Zandig fucking".

Which ? The final.

Inform him, "John Zandig fucking".

Seven years after the very fact, CZW followers nonetheless favor the wrestler and former boss John Zandig.

Since his departure, John Zandig constructed a saga blows of CZW occasions interrupts.

And followers hope one other of his colossal problems.

You need what? John Zandig.

It’s the founder, the patron of beginnings.

He got here from nothing, after which DJ, DJ fuck.

I'm telling you.

Thanks all for being right here.

I consider in you all, and we’ll ship heavy.

That is the largest event of dying video games on the earth.

Present them why.

There’s a motive why you’re there.

These items is organized for months.

Bear in mind, it’s with my mother and father.

Be respectful, clear behind you.

In the event you want one thing, please ask.

This present ought to convey wheat, then promoting your corporation.

After that, I like you all and tonight we'll go get drunk and have a very good time.

OK ? Properly, let's get every part put in.

In the event you do loopy stuff, ensure James is aware of.

I'll bounce off the truck.

I'll bounce off the truck.

OK, you need to get by means of a desk? By a desk? Go forward.

You’ve the selection.


No, it’s damaged.

Take that one.

I'll skip on security.

You higher bounce on the desk.

You need to strive one thing? You go in there how lengthy? Wait, let's see.

Go forward.

What do you need to do ? The cross ? I'll bounce on security quite than on you.

– OK.

– Or that by means of a desk.

It's your thought, man.

In the event you get harm, it's your fault.

DJ, your fly is open.

I actually need to thanks for coming for the largest event of dying video games on the earth.

These guys behind me they’ll bleed and make the worst follies only for you.

15 years of extremely violence.

And can proceed yearly.

So long as you proceed to return.

Who’s sizzling for a fucking Event of dying? Get out your weapons now, as a result of now we have a bunch of bloodthirsty motherfuckers.

Somebody introduced an actual excessive chair.

the newborn was eliminated, fortunately, however that is loopy.

I’ve hassle imagining that I weigh a high.


These chairs, it's cool to hit somebody.

We noticed yesterday.

You need to enhance it? Wrap it in a bit barbed wire.

The event guidelines are easy.

These knockout matches and there’s no different rule.

Every spherical opposes two wrestlers utilizing all out there weapons.

Together with enhancements provided by the general public.

The wrestlers have the precise to go away the ring and combating everywhere in the farm, together with the parking zone.

And the sport ends when a wrestler is pinned down after the rely.

In the event that they lose once more, they’re eradicated from the event.

It’s in the midst of the gang.

And there, simply behind us, that critical rumble.

We are going to attempt to strategy and see what occurs.

1, 2, three.

How was the flexibleness? Properly, however you may hit more durable.

It's okay ? Yeah, I'm excited.

The glass, it was going? – Yeah, every part was nickel.

– Thanks very a lot.

I additionally preferred.


I introduced you a memento of your first event.

If you would like it.

Thanks very a lot.

There are nonetheless items of you above.

I'll give it to my mom, it could dangle on the fridge.


How do you are feeling when getting into your first event? It appears to be like like what you hoped? It was very cool.

I'll know a bit extra when I’ve seen the video.


I might say I’m the largest outsider of the event.

As a result of, you realize, I come from a extra technical fashion So so long as the followers assume I can battle with the opposite guys on this event, I ask no extra.

As a fan, I’ve discovered you to scratch.

– Thanks very a lot.

I admire.

– It was unbelievable.

Actually, man, respect.


Thanks very a lot.

It was the primary.

Derivatives are essential for indie wrestler? Its essential.

It's like every part else.

Whenever you promote a t-shirt, it’s as if somebody made the promo for you.

So it's essential.

It's like a music group, should make cash.

I do know quite a lot of teams that earn nothing on the tour, however they get a max on derivatives.

How do you chill out after one thing like that? It is dependent upon how I took costly.

Normally, a beer, I ask myself or I take a nap.

And when the adrenaline disappears, you actually harm in all places.

And we get used to that too.

However there comes a time when the physique begins to fart.

We cannot try this indefinitely.

However finally, I’ve to pay my payments.


Masada! CZW! Masada, the legend of Deathmatch, We actually reveals why he's a legend.

It’s actually good to do hurt to others.

And it appears to be like like he likes it.

We will say what we wish about what they inflict simply to entertain.

However they’re actual performers, honest.

And they’ll do every part to fulfill the thirst of followers violence.

It's the followers that shock me essentially the most.

Each time a wrestler is a type of nasty stunts, followers require extra excessive stuff and extra blood.

My God.

See that? Rattling, you see that? He has that stuff in your head.

Up to now I've seen.

And he remade it.

1, 2, three.

Girls and gents, it made him a hammer.

Masada was taken as a blow hammer a cinderblock together with his head.

And I'm actually shut.

And I see how he couldn’t eat this one proper on the pinnacle.

My God.

It was.

The place can we see it additionally as States? TLD.

guys hat.

It's okay ? Yeah, he acquired me but it surely was cool.

I've informed you and I repeat, you've heard this thump.

– It was excellent.

– You're proper.

We had no motive to not.

And I, with the "drop kick" and the "mind buster" fucking man.

Yeah, I fairly fucked up too.


You're huge man, man.

Massive thanks.



It was actually superb.

– Thanks.

– How are you feeling out of this battle towards the hero? I do know what I can do, however I do know him, he’s sturdy.

I doubt, I knew it could be cool.

And also you who grew up as a fan of wrestling, being right here, and see what you trigger amongst these individuals, it makes you are feeling what? As a result of the gang there, she would have died for you.

That's why we're right here.

That is the explanation why I'm right here.

It's nice, there's nothing higher.

I lived all my life in Delaware.

I’ve been to each event the CZW dying.

And every time, it was unbelievable reveals.

And the blokes, they like to supply a good looking spectacle.

And we, the followers, we actually admire it.

It’s tough for them.

It’s straightforward to say that the video games Demise is fake, or that it’s an extra of male shit, however there a real connection between the artist and the general public.

I've been to huge music festivals, to reveals on Broadway, and plenty of sporting occasions.

And with these video games wrestling to dying the insane violence of show completely captures your consideration.

After we say that it’s good, that’s insensitive to violence, CZW discovered a approach to additional enhance a notch.

We'll see how I entered.

You need to maintain my hand? No, it's superb.

In entrance, it appears to be like much less.

Okay, prepared? Sure, sir.

– Whore ! – I feel you will have – Maintain its.

– – Maintain her pores and skin.

I feel it's higher.

I’ve, I’ve.

– Wait, wait.

– Fake – It harm.

– However it hurts.

You don’t appear to undergo.

The most effective factor is to not panic.

OK, it’s a must to seize it.

Who’s it? – It's Seany.

– I would like your head.

Thanks, Seany.

Seany, I at all times liked you.

My God no.

Be a giant fan.

I’m a giant fan.

Why you.

Whore ! You're essentially the most.

I have no idea, man.

It's outdoors.


Greater than a very good shot.

Somebody holds the pores and skin? I like your pores and skin, man.

Nonetheless a very good shot.

George, it's the identical particular person.

The identical particular person.

Right here we go.

I feel so too.

I consider in you.

My God.

It was, it was.

On the chair.

Any individual- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joe is over, Joe was on it.

Prepared, shoot.

1, 2, three attracts.


The noise was actually gross.


You sat and also you have been type.

What may I? That is essentially the most manly tear I keep in mind.

We didn’t hear you do.

It was, yeah? It was cool.

It was nice.

I feel the followers will need to see you once more.

I feel you wouldn’t have to fret in regards to the reception the subsequent time you go up within the ring.


In response to you, what attracts all these individuals right here? It’s the intuition most main.

We get collectively to see individuals battle and see who’s the very best.

That is the largest event of the 12 months.

It's monumental.

What makes followers of the CZW followers essentially the most distinctive catch? We love the wrestling matches to dying.

And so they're the very best.

We take it, and tradition that’s constructed round so lengthy.

All these individuals, there, in a subject Delaware, by greater than 30 levels, and everybody cares.

That is the very best day of the 12 months.


You're declines.

Increase, you drive.

I advert touchdown.

Advert touchdown.

– No no no.

– I'm operating like that, – Forearm, shoulder.

– Increase, reside across the nook.

Stomach, abdomen, air, across the nook, and also you sort.

Open the mouth.

You bought a bug in your mouth? No, it's in your hand.

You’ve a tick in your hand.

You scared me.

She's there.

She sucks my blood.

It ought to come again later.

Are we afraid whenever you're married to somebody as a DJ, due to the character of his occupation? Sure, completely.

I at all times afraid that it harm.

It's been 20 years now.

I need to be the one that can push his wheelchair once we go strolling.

However I might, as a result of I find it irresistible.

What are the implications it’s a must to face? It’s I who will drive it dwelling tonight.

I’ll assist him to take a bathe.

It would in all probability take away glass shards from his pores and skin.

Then I'll need to make him bandages, and tomorrow too.

I'm actually scared that he harm.

It's nonetheless there.


For the reason that starting of this agency, I used to be at all times the dangerous man.

After I tried to play the nice man, it labored.

They don’t settle for it.

I'm a bit the more severe type on the earth, the ultimate boss of a online game.

I do know DJ Hyde will get her a glass of mouth.

Within the nook, you may see tile dimension doorways.

The Event of dying Zandig shouldn’t be right here.

Right here is my dwelling.

And whether or not you prefer it or not, I'm the boss and I’ll stay so.

That's what’s the different aspect of the tape, selecting up damaged glass.

CZW followers are usually not tender with DJ Hyde.

Zandig they need, and so they need it straight away.

They actually need a DJ Hyde know they admire all of the work he has performed to develop at this time's occasion.

There’s blood on the digicam lens.

There's blood in all places.

Those that have no idea why I'm right here, I got here again what belongs to me.

If that son of a bitch doesn’t give me what’s mine, I'll bury him alive.

DJ, are you able to go that belongs to me? Kill that son of a bitch.

Put it within the machine I bury this piece of shit.

Who needs to see DJ being buried alive? DJ, you surrender? Sure ! Sure ! As soon as once more.

CZW Followers are thrilled with this consequence.

CZWCZW Thanks very a lot.

He’s superb.

We spent all week with DJ Hyde, and now we have seen work very arduous to place this present collectively.

And there, now we have seen try this, ship one of the crucial violent matches we noticed at this time.

That's actually what I noticed extra shocking in a wrestling present.

And I say this with none exaggeration.

DJ appears to be like go.

He speaks and every part.

I feel they'll simply clear up a bit.

This could take some time, as a result of there may be blood and dirt in all places.

– It's okay ? – Under no circumstances.

It’s I who’ve taken your spouse and son on the aspect.

You okay, man? You've hit within the balls, however it’ll.

Give me that, I see nothing.

You see the minimize on the leg? That is in all probability the worst of all.

I cleaned as a lot as potential.

It's actually torn, so the physician, it’ll take just a few factors, every part else, it's simply dried blood.

A very good bathe and go.


– Okay ? – Thanks.

My again.

Only a small minimize, but it surely's bizarre.


Okay, I assist.

You may speak in regards to the ache you are feeling now? Slightly headache.

I burn.

The wind blows on us and I wound and flies on me there.

And the bathe I'll take – This worth not – be horrible.

Sure, it’ll sting.

Listed here are the product of violence that we noticed all day.

The general public liked it.

I additionally liked.

Is there a necessity for extra violence each time? A want nonetheless stronger blood? To do.

For some followers, I feel, sure.

It's by no means sufficient, we at all times attempt to do extra and higher and it has drawbacks.

So we attempt to enhance the violence.

However most traditional individuals, who will probably be our sponsor, give us cash to speculate and purchase good things to offer the general public a greater product and a high quality factor! Ought to mercurochrome.

When are you going to place you to think about dying 16 Event? In all probability Monday.

Mild the fireplace.

Mild the fireplace.

I nonetheless discover it unbelievable what DJ and wrestlers are for the general public.

largely at a desk we're working to earn a crust.

These guys get away the mouth for just a few hundred .

Folks see wrestling as a staging.

However after my first event of dying, I can say that it goes properly past.

I have no idea what to think about all that blood and violence.

However the present and comedy, it was leisure of the best stage.

I had an actual second.

And you realize what ?! God loves the followers of CZW.

dick head! I had an actual second, my buddy.

Fucking critical.

We will conclude that like this: "CZ W.

fucking!" It’s mentioned.


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