Alright guys We’re again and we’re within the ladies's Match ODb Disqus clothesline again elbow and rosemary rolling out of the ring that is for the knockouts Championship as nicely.

It seems like loopy Steve is together with Rosemary proper now And take a look at that Odb going after rosemary rosemary getting again within the ring attempting to do an elbow However completely miss Odb had a nicely scouted now a wheelbarrow Facebuster proper on the ground Which will have damage very unhealthy there now ODb Scooping up rosemary on the ramp right here Possibly for a suplex on the ramp a rosemary beginning to battle out of it they kick to the midsection And there's a clothesline taken down ODb.

That was actually unhealthy That was actually actually unhealthy guys that was a nasty clothesline there Jesus this can be a type of a [faster] [paced] present.

[I] don't understand how I really feel about that to be trustworthy with you now rosemary Turning round Odb and with these clemmy blows Proper to the aspect of the top and Odb is groggy proper now.

This isn’t good for her in any respect Now forearm proper to the chest That was brutal and now rosemary bullheaded scene with out garments line into the nook Now belly-to-belly throw with the leg hook fantastically performed on ODb the primary contender ODb one a gauntlet match not too way back to get this chance and don't fear I will probably be turning on my mild right here in only a second.

So don't fear about that [throws] [Mary's] on the Prime Rope proper now Oh man attempt to do a centon however ODb obtained out of the way in which so rosemary gin her again.

Simply obtained all that canvas there Dunks below the Clothesline ODb now grabbing on final Trip oh Sorry fall away slam Clothesline taken down rosemary shoulder deal with taking her down once more ODb star, if really beginning to get a number of stuff in counter there by Rosemary Right here comes rosemary consuming a again elbow proper to the face Odb second rope take a look at this the soiled Dozen soiled dozen within the nook its zero DB sitting on the highest, Turnbuckle, and no mainly sure, and there we go there.

It’s soiled dozen 12 and zero this Is that this a extremely quick tempo it appears very rushed? There may be the distinction between a quick paced match and a rushed match this appears very rushed rosemary getting every Turnbuckle and now ODb I Suppose she's signaling for some Bronco buster.

Oh No, oh no and rosemary put up the boot proper within the crotch of ODb Now rosemary has Odb up for there.

It’s purple wedding ceremony.

That's it One two, and three that was such a rushed match Wow All of that was for actually that match This was one in every of their mark.

He matches that they have been professionalmoting tonight wow.