– What? – Like I believed it was violent, however I didn't understand it was this tousled.

(fast-paced music) – My ideas when peoplesay pro-wrestling is it's not skilled.

– Why does anybody watch wrestling? – I believe faux.

– Is she giving start to a pro-wrestler? Is that this the way it all started? Is that this the beginning of a cleaning soap opera? – How does this relate to what's happening within the ring although? – It's a, it's a hand.

– A hand was in her vagina.

– She was masturbating an excessive amount of.

– That appeared like certainly one of thepeople from "Golden Women" – I like this, oh on thumbtacks.

– Ooh, oowie! – Faux blood.

– Okay, so like, thatis completely insane.

It simply reveals you that this, a few of this should be actual, proper? For those who throw somebody offlike, a 15 meter factor, like, that hurts.

– These are actual crimes.

– That's the again flip.

That's what I wish to see.

– That was a reasonably amazingflip, although, I’ve to say.

– Uh.

– That was a very good, that was a very good transfer.

– That was spectacular.

– Why is he in a funeral dwelling? – Don't do somethingweird to the physique, don't.

– Oh God.

– That is like very "PrettyLittle Liars" proper now.

– He simply stated, you look higher lifeless.

– Is boob seize? Was corpse boob seize? – That's like a extremely unhealthy instance to set for the younger individuals.

– Don't grope corpses, youngsters.

– Who watches this shit? – What the (beep)?- Is that? – He's getting bare.

– How does this? How does? What? (gasping and screaming) – That's fu (beep) ed.

(gradual piano music) – That is cool, that is good.

– Aw, that is simply too good.

– Aw, that's lovely.

– Aw.

– I didn't come right here for this,I didn't come right here for this.

– Oh, you bought me.

– Oh, me too.

– Aw.

– I believe that wrestling,clearly has the power to present individuals numerous hope on the subject of, prefer it's an escapism factor.

(fireworks bursting) – I believe that my viewson wrestling have modified.

– I've been confirmedthat it's a cleaning soap opera with like, a bit bit extra violence.

– Lots of people aren't simply watching it for the intercourse with lifeless our bodies.

And the gratuitous violence.

However it's additionally, it's aboutentertainment for everybody.

They usually get to have justa little bit of enjoyable with it.

– Nonetheless suppose it's dumb.

(laughing) – After watching that, I believe that there are somemassive elements of wrestling which might be very problematic.

And one thing that Iprobably wouldn't wish to expose my very own kids,and even myself, to.

– No matter works for you, simply don't go arounddoing that in actual life.

(upbeat music).