I have been doing a replay of Sanjay's us damage so mainly this damage occurred as Such he with that 4-way drop Kick – Trevor Lee Someway someway, it's no fault of anyone, however gravity Loki's knee Nailed at Sanjay dutt proper within the eye and nothing is a black Swollen eye that's going to take a while to heal, however we're going to enter the principle occasion so not sorry Eli drake taking up Alberto [and] [by] throat, whoever wins this match will face off in opposition to Magnus for the [GFw] world Championship which we noticed earlier.

That is the ultimate contest, so that is the principle occasion There we go, so for some motive tyrus is together with him.


I do know why however nonetheless I like Eli Drake's new theme music although It's undoubtedly becoming extra becoming for him than the bizarre generic poppy music that they used to have Man, I'm actually involved about that.

[I'm] an my factor was black and blue And it was very swollen final week or the 2 weeks in the past when? Loki returned I They nonetheless haven't Alberto Alberto and nonetheless has this actually cheap-ass quinceanera music And don't fear not each [fuckin] Mexican music is akin Cyndi Adam tune I imply, I assume it is extremely excessive Papi and stuff like that, and it's lots higher than this outdated theme music But it surely's so horrible Why is Alberto Elfman thrown on this and he's going into the gang? Why is he going into the gang? Is there a motive for this patron? What the hell? is Tna censoring Wwe shirts I Swear they’d an outdated Jeff hardy shirt There's like a giant man sitting there, and I swear his t-shirt was censored for some motive and it crashed.

Why? It needed to be proper on the fundamental occasion too didn't it needed to be oh? It appears like tyrus attacked, however throwing the referee is kicking tyrus out of right here That's not good And now you want drake is saying come on.

What about cyrus cyrus remains to be being ejected by the referee All proper, so it does seem like [Albert] about patron was attacked by Tyrus and Eli drake is teeing off on however Patron proper now Patron going face-first right into a metal chair the match has not formally began but massive proper hand [of] Patron and Now [maybe] a SuPlex on the ramp That's not in contrast to That sound of like plastic Yeah, that undoubtedly gave the impression of plastic Actually? Actually a plastic ramp actually? Patron thrown again into the ring that was not metal although by an extended shot Patron throw into the ropes nope good counter massive boot proper to the facet of the face of Patron by drake drake up and over touchdown on the aprofessionaln Patron kicking the knee and Eli Drake area went into the canvas and now patron beginning to get the gang behind him right here we go for the group with a Suicide Dive by Patron All proper there we go Been some time since we've seen patron [do] a suicide dive like that, however we're going to enter a break so Simply get mattress you All proper, we're again.

Sorry about that All proper, we received patron and drake nice to Splash water All over the place on patrona now you I drink is choking out out by throwing, so this matches the decided primary testing that is who that is to find out the primary contender for the [GfW] International Champion subsequent week elbow proper to the chest Great things there roll by pin on Patron Patron of the fast kick out facet headlock Instantly by Eli drake it is a good technique for Eli Drake maintain the strain on Patron be sure that he can not rise up and get again into it as a result of as quickly as Patron will get some momentum You're Gonna have dangerous time Patron again up his ft into the midsection there it’s once more Patron has a really distinctive model of proper arms He places lots of emphasis on it generally he drops all the way down to his knee for extra emphasis, and I like it I Like Patron as a competitor.

I don't like [him] actually the individual out patron Locking up Eli Drake's arm making an attempt to tear that arm proper off of it proper out of its socket there [that] cross armbreaker proper over the rope that's not good patron now attempt to do with that working forearm received caught in big-time Neckbreaker by Eli drake working right into a pin [-] and Patron kicks out You want drake put it in work Now you want drake draping Patrones neck over the ropes after which massive [leg] drop oh Man Patron is in lots of hassle drake right into a pin one two and Patron received the shoulder up Elbow now Eli Drake is doing the e lie drake And now pulling up proper on the neck very brutal is Eli drake Boy, this isn’t good for the man The group is making an attempt to get Eli drake to into the matchup again I'm sorry.

They're making an attempt to get Patron [and] oh man.

Oh Wow, that was very excessive Proper on the ribs of Eli drake a very good counter there by Patron from the sleeper maintain with the like scissor I'm good Now patron off the ropes.

[oh] no going proper [through] the ropes to the surface of the ring Brutal Patron who loves doing [that] spot Eli Drake Large elbow proper to the again of Patron will get thrown again into the ring Eli drake into the pin [two] and Patron kicked out very shut II Lie drink Jumpin elbow wow that was truly a extremely respectable elbow pin to Patron kicks out Patron counters Drake into the Nook massive elbow proper to the face good counter by drink second Rope Patron working into [Guri] Patron is so good at that into Gurney man.

That's what precisely what he wanted to get again into this matchup It's very stable [self].

[I] watch when [bam] [right] to the facet of the pinnacle [and] he collapses Very brutal proper there And now each patron and drake are going forwards and backwards Again and Forth man these two or simply hitting one another exhausting.

They want by drake [big] time proper arms by Eli Drake Drake Friday to attempt to hit a transfer however massive clothesline by Delaware Alex patrone.

There's once more [now's] the primary time I stated Del Rio as a substitute of Patron Large tilt-A-Whirl by Patron right here's the pin one two and Eli drake received the shoulder up once more [Alberto] El Patron now [Alberto] has a rib [tattoo] the web page tattoo very notorious Right here we go tremendous kick no Drake has a Berto up, and there's a reverse, tko one two realizing Patron kicked out [graeme] maneuver there by Eli Drake he must go for The Blood Pressure Trauma there's the arm breaker by Patron double knees Bam one two, no That was that massive time kneeling tremendous kick that patron does very well and drake kicked out now.

This has been a Actually actually good match a number of good forwards and backwards between this one within the congo Kong match [oh] within the first match there's truly been lots of Great things on this present.

I'll be trustworthy I've been having fun with this drone leaping off no [Supercross] [heartbreaker] that drake turned [around] Good a to throw their beloved one to [the] patron or checked out once more Boy, Eli Drake is admittedly exhibiting his stuff on this match of all the blokes in that rising group.

I might All three of them are doing good simply in their very own manner Clearly Micha is [Tonga] Lola Eli Drake remains to be [Ui] drake right here in Tna and drew galloway.

Properly he's in uh he's a big-time participant in nxt proper now and You can’t be a slouch in nxT anymore There's received to be an enormous upside to you, and now drake could also be with us massive time Superplex Patron hitting drake within the midsection [big] head, however [oh], oh he's draped.

We're going to get that Del Rio double foot stomp It's known as the Del Rio double foot stomp nonetheless no, and have a look at drake throwing Del Rho [y], El Patron Throughout the ring I assume we're going to name it the El patron double foot stomp as a result of if I say Del Rio double foot stomp Though that sounds actually good.

I'm gonna get confused it's Alberto El Patron Springboard The hell was that what a moonsault may say there by drake one two no I? Don't know what Eli drake needed to do there.

I feel he was going to go Springboard Springboard moonsault [but] I don't suppose he received the proper footing on the primary springboard Eli Drake Right here we go what oh Go for that killed throughout one – no Trey Kick down.

Oh no right here.

We go rule by cross Armbreaker center of the ring center of the ring a Patron you [got] the arms logged as Eli drake Take a look at the roll by one two no Mana stump proper beneath the chin by Eli drake Good transfer by Eli Drake to remain out of that cross armbreaker.

Oh drake.

Yeah hit growth no caught Roll by there it’s accomplished.


There's the out patron double foot stomp Squish – received it Alberto El Patron is shifting on Properly guys, thanks [so] very a lot for watching tonight's episodes Do you get pleasure from them give them a like subscribe and [share] and as all the time be majestic?.