It takes a lot of time to learn to wrestle.

When I started learning, I realized that it's not justa game of strength.

Here you use your mind to strategize and play.

A good wrestler has to be very intelligent and sharp.

When I saw Aamir-ji on the wrestling mat.

He had this ability to pick up things really fast.

He is very strong.

While he gained weight, he did not lose strength.

Initially, he wasn't adept at applying technique along with strength.

But after some practice, he'd master it.

My movements were slow.

This works well in the film, for someone who was very fast at one point, and now, because age has caught up, his movements have changed too.

He's not that fast and energetic anymore.

It was a big challenge, because when you lose weight, and keep wrestling, there's greater possibility of injury.

It's a tough game.

Your body takes a beating.

We trained daily.

wrestling and training.

He would analyze his performanceand identify the flaws in his movements.

and which movement was best.

How to master the circle position, how to position his waist.

I have your photograph on my phone.

– Yes.

It must be way down in the gallery.

I'll search for it.

Yes, you search for it.

Till then we'll get so good at it that you'll want a photo of this movement.

And with every take, he put up such a brilliant performancewith the techniques, that I didn't have an opportunity to point out mistakes.

Action! Cut it.

very good!.