Okay, so I don't know what Tna is doing However they picked up like some weirdo dork who can’t act for shit? Only for Km.

They yelling are you? Calling me a liar No, what no, sir? you simply choose up that piece of paper I Want [Mid-major] to make like a tree and get the hell out of right here.

I believe that's on intentional That is incorrect with this nation folks must work on their folks abilities what an asshole and significantly we get a fucking C but ah Why I see Ed are popping out right here on my display screen at the very least I discovered a brand new image for her In order that's at all times that's at all times positives so much higher than [that] different shitty one Oh my [God], however her wings on her fucking eye.

She is about to fly away Like that is Tremendous annoying Okay, Josh mathews shut oh my God this man is Nearly as annoying as I sing [Dejan] me cam is big although Who’s she [even] dealing with some dork? Oh she's dealing with a bun [eery] chin? that is undoubtedly an older image of [Cristina] Bond Eerie, however she's doing that fucking voice shit too as a result of she's additionally From New Jersey they should have all these punk rocker no matter, however she is the World Drive wrestling ladies's and champion as properly and the titles on the road as a result of causes Wow, are you kidding? Identical to a title [max] as a result of motive side-headlock right here [Christina] Bonnie redux underneath the garments line very shitty Wow what a extremely unhealthy springboard transfer obtained right here with a sigh [tito] suplex – and solely [a] – [ho] that was actually unhealthy now Sienna laying within the stomps and Christina von Erie is getting her shit clapped proper now by Sienna face first goes Von [Irie] right here comes working Crossbody Throwing von Erie off.

Right here's a pin by Sienna very fast one And there’s Fuckin Km.

Dropping his fucking thoughts creator of Givanni [re] no Physique are you trippin Cn on the ropes? they're going to bond Erie working boot proper to the face of [Sienna] Now holding on to the ropes is Sienna massive boot proper to the face.

That was actually unhealthy.

Right here's [a] pin – [no] is simply a two Km is shedding his fucking thoughts over there.

I can hear him [Bonnie] Aries and so much [of] bother that is for the worldwide pressure wrestling ladies's championship Chopped proper to the chest by Bonnie [Erie] a number of instances actually actually not massive time strikes Actually sluggish vaughn Erie going excessive touchdown on the surface of the ring Bonnie Ruiz like chops [Roy] [De] as I come on Come sucking on vaughn Erie going face first into the aprofessionaln of the ring Why are you getting pushed into the barricade and now she's leaning in these actually shitty jobs now.

That was a forearm now That's a chop.

I should say [Sienna] on this match is certainly the higher competitor She has quantity of Charisma.

She's getting higher within the ring and her [chop] to truly appear to be they might harm you properly Sienna and Km when face first diving crossbody actually shitty can type of like obtained out of the way in which Boy, that is actually unhealthy Actually sloppy actually sluggish maneuvers.

They're sluggish however the match is transferring at a extremely quick tempo I don't know the way that's even bodily fucking potential Perhaps a pedigree on the aprofessionaln right here, however Sienna with a oh Man, oh that was ugly Flung off the ropes onto the aprofessionaln after which landed on the surface.

I I actually hope Christina von Erie is bodily okay, as a result of that was sort of brutal one two [no] The fuck [Kinda] kick out was that was terrible Jesus And now the mine space nope [Christina] attempting to do a sleeper maintain right here on [Siena] [tana] driving Christina von Irie right into a Turnbuckle once more von [Irie] with a [straitjacket] oh I don't know what she was about to do, however good counter there by [Sienna] seeing off the ropes and oh my God There's a silencer and now we have a brand new international pressure wrestling Ladies's champion All proper, properly Sienna is the brand new World Drive wrestling champion? That is the second title holder of this belt simply to let you already know.