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Thank you and let’s begin! Booker T had a hard time growing up as helost both his parents by the age of 14.

During his younger years, he worked for Americanfast food restaurant Wendy’s for 2 and a half years but the wage he was on wasn’treally cutting it for him.

This is when Booker T (alongside his partners) decided to stagea series of armed robberies at different Wendy’s stores, wearing their work uniforms as disguises.

Because of the perpetrator’s uniforms and familiarity with the fast food chain's operations,police suspected the robberies were inside jobs so it was to this knowledge that BookerT was found guilty of committing this crime.

Consequently, Booker T was found guilty oftwo aggravated counts of robbery and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

He served 19 monthsin prison before being released on parole.

In 1983, Scott Hall was charged with seconddegree murder after fatally shooting a man in the head with a gun.

Although this crimewas acted in self-defence (according to Scott Hall himself), the memory of what happenedon that fateful day has “burned in his brain” as Scott Hall recalled the incident in a 2011interview for ESPN.

In 1983, Hall was working as a bartender at a stripclub when he becameinvolved in a heated dispute over a girl.

The man who Scott Hall went on to kill smashedall of Scott Hall’s windows out of his car.

This angered Hall who found out about thisand he went on to confront the man.

He recalled himself drilling the guy to the floor whenhe noticed the man’s shirt up, revealing a gun that he reached for.

They wrestled aroundfor the gun until Hall managed to take it and he shot the man in the head.

Hall wascharged with second degree murder but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

The most famous murder trial of a WWE wrestlergoes to that of Chris Benoit.

In 2007, Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy Benoit and strangledhis 7-year-old son, Daniel Benoit before hanging himself in his weight room.

There are manyconspiracy theories suggesting how Benoit was framed for these murders but I’m notgoing to go into any of these.

Benoit’s wife Nancy was found wrapped in a towel withblood under her head and his son Daniel was found in his bed.

They both died from asphyxiation.

It was after these two murders that Benoit left a voicemail to Chavo Guerrero.

ChavoGuerrero called Benoit after hearing the voicemail and noticed that Benoit sounded tired andgroggy.

He proceeded to call Benoit again after their phone call ended due to concernswith Benoit’s tone and demeanour.

Benoit called Chavo back after he missed his initialcall.

The conversation ended with Benoit saying: “I love you, Chavo.

” Benoit placed copiesof the Bible alongside the bodies of his wife and son, as well as a third Bible on his weightlifting machine.

Benoit then committed suicide in his weight room, using a weight liftingmachine to break his own neck.

There was a note found in the Bible which said: “I’mpreparing to leave this Earth.

” The search history on Benoit's computer showed he hadresearched "the quickest and easiest way to break a neck".

Johnny K-9 is a wrestler who worked brieflyfor the WWF during the 1980s.

He wrestled in many tag team matches but his biggest matchin the WWF was against Hulk Hogan.

Outside of the ring, Johnny K-9 is famous for hishistory of legal problems.

He was the leader of a motorcycle gang known as: Satan’s ChoiceMotorcycle Gang.

One of the crimes the gang committed was blowing up a police stationusing a bomb which caused $133,000 in damages.

However, Johnny K-9’s most famous encounterwith the law was when he was charged with first-degree murder and two counts of conspiracyto commit murder.

He murdered a lawyer and her husband but the investigation againsthim collapsed after a long preliminary hearing.

In early 2011, Johnny K-9 was charged withyet another first degree murder and attempted murder.

In 2013, he pleaded guilty to conspiracyto commit murder, and the murder charges were stayed.

He was sentenced to 13 years in prison,which was reduced to four years and eight months after factoring in time served.

Many of you might not know who Hardbody Harrisonis and that’s fair enough because he worked as a jobber for WCW back in 1995.

He appearedon WCW Monday Nitro as well as 1997’s Starrcade but he was never a major name in the business.

However, in 2007 he was convicted on charges related to keeping eight women as sex slavesin two homes he owned in Georgia.

Harrison claimed the women were living in his homewillingly along with his wife and child because they were training as professional wrestlersand that he helped them quit drugs.

A few of the women ended up going to the policewhich saw Harrison being charged with aggravated sexual abuse, forced labour, sex trafficking,and witness tampering.

Upon conviction, Harrison was sentenced to life in prison.