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You weren’t ready for that, had been you? Yokozuna was a really massive man to say the least,weighing in at over 600 kilos and with a every day weight loss program consisting of 120 eggs, 12 full-sizedpieces of hen and a bucket-sized serving of Japanese rice, I can think about that he madea lot of journeys to the lavatory.

Throughout a tour in India, Yokozuna was affected by a badbout of diarrhoea however nonetheless continued his scheduled match in opposition to “The Hit Man”Bret Hart.

In the course of the match, Yokozuna climbed to the second rope and was able to hit Hartwith his ending transfer, the Banzai Drop.

Nevertheless, as Hart appeared up he observed a moist,brown stain on Yokozuna’s trunks.

At this level, Hart knew that he was about to be indeep sh*t and wanted to get out of this sticky scenario.

As Yokozuna’s poop stained trunkswere coming proper at him, Hart shortly moved away, the quickest he had ever moved in a hoop,Hart later recalled in an interview.

The ring mat was not so fortunate as a moist, brown mark was left within the nook.

Issues would have gotten actual messy had Harthad not dodged the Banzai drop.

Tommy Dreamer is finest recognized for his time inECW and is taken into account by many because the “coronary heart and soul” of ECW.

Nevertheless, one among his mostembarrassing moments in his skilled wrestling profession was when he pooped himself throughout amatch in opposition to “The World’s Strongest Man”, Mark Henry and wasn’t even conscious of it.

After receiving a World’s Strongest Slam from Mark Henry, Dreamer observed a foul-smellingodour wafting from someplace and thought that possibly The World’s Strongest Man had letout the World’s smelliest sh*t.

It was not till after he got here out of the locker roomshowers that he realised there was an excellent large poop in his trunks.

Dreamer was so concernedabout his discovery that he took it to the physician, who defined to him that the forceof the World’s Strongest Slam had compelled the contents in his digestive tract to expelout inflicting him to defecate himself.

In different phrases, Dreamer, fairly actually, had the sh*tknocked out of him.

In late 2013, CM Punk was coping with a badmisdiagnosed staph an infection, nevertheless, nonetheless continued to compete within the ring regardless of beingin an amazing quantity of ache.

Punk was on a whole lot of antibiotics on the time and as youmay know, antibiotics may end up in one.

pooping extra ceaselessly than one normally would.

You may see the place that is going.

In a match on the sixth December 2013 in opposition to “The LunaticFringe” Dean Ambrose, CM Punk did simply that and uncontrollably shat himself however stillkept going.

Simply have a look at Ambrose’s face following a roll-up pin, he may scent thatsomething wasn’t fairly proper.

Oddly sufficient, Punk wasn’t embarrassed by this and usedthis for instance to focus on how his well being and well-being was uncared for whereas being inthe WWE.

“What?!” “Stone Chilly” Steve Austinshat his pants? I sh*t you not however this did truly occur throughout a match with Yokozunain South Africa.

What’s it with Yokozuna and poop? The man at all times appears to be aroundit! After Austin took a physique slam from Yokozuna he instantly felt that one thing was notquite proper.

Normally when “The Rattlesnake” is round, a whole lot of sh*t occurs however in thisparticular case the phrase was fairly literal.

Much like that of Dreamer, who I talked aboutin quantity four, Austin was slammed the sh*t out of, actually, because the drive of the slam causedhim to poop himself.

Fortunately for Austin, his signature wrestling trunks had been black so thecrowd wasn’t conscious of what had occurred to him.

Even the perfect of the perfect can have a sh*tday.

In an episode of Complete Divas, the 16-time world champion, John Cena admitted to poopinghimself at a home present in a match in opposition to Scott Steiner.

On that very day, Cena wassuffering from meals poisoning, nevertheless, nonetheless determined to wrestle his scheduled match.

Duringthe match, Cena took a DDT from Steiner, nevertheless, shortly rolled out the ring and requested thetimekeeper, “The place do I puke?” to which the timekeeper replied, “Beneath the ring.

”Cena then went below the ring and puked, nevertheless, as he puked he crapped his pants.

Cena thencontinued with the match with a moist and sticky pair of trunks however thankfully for him, itwas close to the tip of the match at this level.

It’s honest to say that it wasn’t a particularlygreat day for Cena, a relatively crappy one to be sincere.