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In SummerSlam 1997, The Rattlesnake, “StoneCold” Steve Austin suffered a legitimate injury at the hands of Owen Hart, that wouldlater hamper his wrestling career and lead to his early retirement.

During the match,Austin suffered a broken neck and was temporarily paralysed after receiving a botched piledriverfrom Owen Hart.

I have kept this at number 5 because although Owen Hart did not strictlyend the career of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the infamous botch was a major factor in Austin’spremature retirement from wrestling in 2003.

Austin’s neck injury did not stop him fromwinning many championships, however, wrestling-wise, he was not the same.

He had to adapt his wrestlingstyle to more of a brawler type style, which did suit his badass gimmick admittedly buthe was limited from performing lots of technical-based moves in the ring.

Despite being plagued byinjuries, Austin continued to wrestle for a few more years until he eventually decidedto retire in 2003 after doctors warned that any intense moves performed on him could resultin him becoming permanently paralysed or even worse, dead.

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge is undoubtedlyone of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE history, accomplishing a total of 31 championshipsbefore his retirement in 2011.

However, his first televised match in the WWE against PuertoRican wrestler, José Estrada Jr.

ended in disaster.

During the match, Edge performeda somersault senton over the top rope and landed awkwardly on Estrada Jr.

Edge thenwent back in the ring and the match ended in a count-out which was odd way to win adebut match for a rising star.

A replay shed light to the unusual match ending and it wasrevealed that Edge’s leg connected with the head of Estrada Jr.

causing Estrada Jr.

To break his neck, leaving him paralysed and unable to move.

His career in the WWE waseffectively over.

The match between D’Lo Brown and Droz existsas a chilling reminder that anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling.

Duringthe match, D’Lo Brown lifted Droz up for a running powerbomb, however, was not ableto gain a proper grip as Droz was wearing a loose shirt.

Consequently, when D’Lo Brownattempted to execute the move, he botched and inadvertently dropped Droz directly onhis head.

This caused Droz to fracture two disks in his neck and he became paralysedfrom the neck downwards.

The match has never been shown to the public, however, footageof Droz being lifted on a stretcher has been seen in WWE’s “Don’t Try This At Home”announcement.

As a result of the botch, Droz’s wrestling career came to a sudden end andhe has since never been able to walk again.

Bret Hart is one of the most gifted wrestlersto have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring and he was truly the “Best There Is, The BestThere Was and The Best There Ever Will Be”.

However, a botched mule kick from Goldbergultimately brought his professional wrestling career to an end.

During the match, GoldbergIrish whipped Hart into the ropes and then performed a stiff mule kick, legitimatelyconnecting with Hart’s head.

Hart was severely concussed and the force of the kick actuallytore a muscle in the back of Hart’s neck.

Hart continued to wrestle following the injury,however, the damage was done.

He later developed post-concussion syndrome and was eventuallyforced to retire from professional wrestling for good.

One of the most tragic matches in the historyof professional wrestling has to be the tag team match that saw former WWE wrestler, ReyMysterio and Xtreme Tiger take on the team of Perro Aguayo Jr.

and Manik.

During thematch, Rey Mysterio dropkicked Aguayo Jr.

on the shoulder, causing him to propel forwardto the ropes with such force that the ropes whiplashed into Aguayo Jr.

and snapped hisneck, killing him almost instantly.

Unaware of Aguayo Jr’s condition, the three othercompetitors continued with the match as Aguayo Jr.

lay motionless on the ropes and Mysterioeven broke character to check on Aguayo Jr.

After the match ended, Aguayo Jr.

was rushedto hospital, where he was pronounced dead at the age of just 35.