Number 5 – Xavier Woods When you think of WWE wrestlers who are avidgamers, Xavier Woods is definitely up there.

Woods regards video games as “his firstlove” and stated that “without video games, I don’t think I’d be where I am today…”As you all are most likely aware, he started a YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown wherehe goes by the name of Austin Creed and invites other WWE superstars to play video games withhim.

Woods enjoys playing a wide range of video games including Mortal Kombat X, FinalFantasy and more recently Pokemon Go and often makes video game references during segmentswith The New Day.

Woods has even got the royal crest of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda seriestattooed on his left arm.

Number 4 – Shelton Benjamin Shelton Benjamin grew up playing video gamesso it is no surprise that he is a big fan of video games and he actually holds a GuinnessWorld Record for being the wrestler who has won the most WWE THQ Superstar Challenges,a video game tournament that takes place every year during WrestleMania weekend.

Benjamin’sfavourite game of all time is the Tekken series and other games he enjoys playing are theGran Turismo series, Tom Clancy games such as Splinter Cell as well as the WWE wrestlinggames.

According to an interview, Benjamin said, “I’m a God amongst men when it comesto video games.

I walk over everybody”.

It looks like Xavier Woods has got himselfsome serious competition.

Number 3 – AJ Styles When he is not delivering a great performancein the ring, AJ Styles is quite the gamer.

In fact, he is very competitive when it comesto video games and does not like to lose.

His parents bought him a Nintendo 64 and eversince, he is addicted to video games.

Fans have reported seeing AJ Styles with a Nintendo3DS at merchandise tables and AJ even carries a personal gaming briefcase with him so thathe can play video games wherever he travels.

Styles’ favourite wrestling game of all-timeis Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 for the Nintendo 64 game console.

Number 2 – Seth Rollins We mentioned this in our “5 Things You Didn’tKnow About Seth Rollins” video but just to reiterate, Seth Rollins is an avid gamersince an early age.

He loves to play video games such as Madden and 3rd person gameslike the Batman franchise.

Like AJ Styles, Rollins does not take losing lightly and hasbroken two televisions and several controllers in a raging fit.

It is reported that SethRollins frequently changes his online gamertag in order to protect his privacy.

So the nexttime you decide to play a video game online, you may well just come up against The Man,Seth Rollins.

Number 1 – John Cena This may come as a surprise to some becausethe face who runs this place doesn’t look like the typical gamer.

As a matter of fact,Cena loves to play video games and prefers to play games on the PC as opposed to theconsole.

He built his own custom PC at an early age and would upgrade it regularly inorder to get the best performance and graphics for the latest games.

His favourite game ofall time is Command and Conquer and he has been playing the game since the release ofTiberian Sun.

Impressively, Cena still has his original custom built PC in his home rightnext to a new and improved gaming rig.