– Let's go Tayden! [Rap Music] – [Dad] Hey, go lay by Roswell.

Your little buddy.

(laughter) You smiling at your big brother.

So, Roswell is using this new toy.

William, why don't you dance for him.

– It's hard to do it faster.

– You don't have to go so fast.

(laughter) Oh, it's got a mirror.


Oh, you can see me in it,this mirror's just broken.

Do you love your little brother.

– Mm hmm.

– How much? – So much.

– You love him so much? – Mm hmm.

Are you and Roswell gonna be best buddies? – Mm hmm.

– Can you smile for our YouTube friends? Say, "Hello Dyches Fam.

" oh, spit-up.

What's up Dyches Fam.

I hope you guys are doin' fantastic today.

Tina and NaKoi are at school.

Mom is taking care of William and Roswell as I get some work done on the computer.

But tonight is a special night because Tayden has his first wrestlingtournament of the season.

We're so excited for that.

He's a little bit nervous and they haven't been practicing very much So, we'll just have to see how he does, maybe he'll get right back to where he was at the end of last year.

We'll just have to see.

I hope you guys are havin' a good day and come along with us.

(chicken sounds) – [Mom] Are you a chicken? – Yes.

– Why are you being a chicken? – Are you being a chickenbecause we're at Chik-Fil-A? – Yeah.

Chick-Fil-A's a chicken.

Do you love Chik-Fil-A? Tell me what you had to eat.

Show me.

– Mmm.

– Is that delicious? So, me and William are ona lunch date to Chik-Fil-A so that Dad can work andwork on some new videos.

And William, this is thefirst time he's tried Chik-Fil-A sauce.

Have you guys tried Chik-Fil-A sauce? It is delicious.

Do you like Chik-Fil-A sauce? – Yes.

– Give everybody a big kiss.

(kiss sounds) And show us the chickendance one more time.

(laughter) – Why hello there.

– Hi.

– Hi.

– Michael Phelps.

– Michael Phelps is in the house.

– Hi.

– Say, "hello there.

" – Hello there.

– We are on our way to this dude's first wrestling tournament of the season.

– Woot.

– Tayden, you ready to kicksome butt tonight or what? – Yeah.

– Yeah.

How do you feel right now for real? – I'm nervous and my adrenaline's flowin.

– It's pumpin, huh? Tayden? Leave it all on the mat buddy.

– Put there backs on the mat.

How's it go Mom? – Put their backs onthe mat, lay 'em flat.

– Lay 'em flat.

Let's go.

There's one of Tayden'sbiggest supporters.

Say, "Go Tayden.

" – Go Tayden.

(crowd noise) (laughter) There's one of Tayden'sbiggest fans right there.

Say, "Go Tayden.

" First match of the tournament.

Say, "Hi".

– Hi.

(crowd noise) – Slide up, Tay, slide up.

Hey, first match in, how'd that feel? – Awesome.

– Pretty good, right? (rap music) – Let's go Tayden.

(rap music) – Do you have any energy left? – [Official] This is yours.

– Awesome, say, "thank you.

" Thanks man.

Hey! (laughter) Come here.

Sweaty guy.

You ran out of gas, guess what though? You had enough in the tankto make it through buddy.

Some kid threw-up back there.

(laughter) – [Naiko] Mommy, a kid threw up.

(crowd noise) – Get her Wills, get her.

Put her on her back.

You got her keep goin'.

Drive her back, drive her back.

Get her Wills.

Take her legs out, there ya' go.

(yelling) Get her Wills, get her.

Get her.

Get up and get her.

– Stop.

– Get up and get her.

I got her ankle.

Get her Wills.

(laughter) Yeah, good job.

Let's go.

– Tayden decided for hisvictory he needs to watch the Seattle Seahawks game tonight.

So, we have to go somewherewhere they have the game at.

– Where we goin' to? – At Applebee's.

♫ Tayden is the champion, my friends.

♫ And he will keep fighting, 'til the end.

♫ Tayden's a champion,Tayden's a champion.

♫ No time for losers,cause Tayden is a champion ♫ Of the world.

Good Job Spark.

Are you gonna eat some Apples and Bees? – Yeah.

(laughter) Say, "Hi".


Look how cute this little guys is.


(chews) Hi.

(kisses) Achoo, Achoo.

We love little Roswell, huh Tayden? (kisses) – Yep.

– Are you glad that you came,this is your first wrestling tournament he's ever been to.

– Yeah.

– And he was cheering like,"Go Tayden Go, Go Tayden Go".

I'm blowin' my bubbles, go Tayden go.

Tayden, tell 'em the realreason you wanted to come to Applebees.

– Because my favoritefootball team was playing, and I love Applebee's steak and I'm like, Applebee's is the placefor sports, so I'm like, "Why don't we come herebecause I love steak and I love sports, and myfavorite team was playing tonight.

So, why don't we just come to Applebee's? – By the way, this isn'ta sponsored video from Applebee's.

– It should be.

– It should be.

Christina's gonna show you she's gonna demonstrate howyou nurse a baby in public.

Hey, Christina, I'vegot the purv cam goin'.

Go ahead.

Show 'em how it's done.

You guys are about to get a peep show.

I'm just kiddin' The point is that youguys can't see anything.

Is this a pain? Is it too much of a pain to do that? To cover up like that? – Yes, I'm just not gonna do it.

Get you ready.

– You should just not worry about it and just let it all hang out.

Tayden, Seahawks are losin'.

– Uh, uh.

– Just kiddin'.

Sherman Peabody.

Richard, there's Richard.

– Nikoi, you havin' any fun? (noises) – Push 'em, push 'em up.

– There's your peep show for the day kids.

It's not technically his birthday, but he just won a championship, so we decided to let him get A triple, chocolate,yummy, desserty thing.

– It's like triple chocolate something.

– Ice Cream – Meltdown.

– Meltdown, yeah.

Tayden, have a bite buddy.

Tayden gets the first bite.

– Oh, and you just put your arm.

(laughter) – Here – Tayden gets the first bite.

Let Tayden have a bit in peace.

Hold on.

– Distractin' me.

– Okay.

How's that taste? – Awesome.

(baby cries) No William.

William, don't chop into it.

Just take a little bite.

– [Mom] Remember I cutit up the last time.

– I know but, is that pretty good? (laughter) What a fun night and Roswell even gets to have some too.

(lively music).