He may be an intimidating, psychotic monsterin the ring, however, behind the mask, the Devil’s favourite demon, Kane, is quitethe accomplished man.

Kane or Glenn Jacobs, should I say, earned a degree in English Literatureat Northeast Missouri State University, where he played both basketball and football.

Jacobsis actively involved in politics and is a supporter of the Libertarian Party.

Besidesbeing a member of the Free State Project, he makes sure his political views are voicedthrough publishing blogs called “The Adventures of Citizen X” and he has also posted severalarticles in the past on lewrockwell.


That’s not all as outside of the WWE, Glenn Jacobsowns an Allstate agency with his wife, where he works as an insurer.

If you still are somehownot impressed, Kane won a WWE special of the quiz show, The Weakest Link back in 2002,defeating the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge.

As you probably are aware, Dolph Ziggler goesby the nickname, “The Showoff” in the WWE, however, outside of the WWE he can “show-off”all of his academic achievements… *groan* the writer of this script, go jump out ofa window now… As the WWE have mentioned numerous times, Ziggler is an Alma mater ofKent State University where he was a Collegiate wrestler, winning three amateur wrestlingchampionships during his time there.

Prior to this, Ziggler won two national championshipsas part of the wrestling team at the high school he attended and holds the school’srecord for the most pins in a career with 82.

Aside from his impressive athletic accolades,Ziggler graduated from Kent State University with a major in political science and a pre-lawminor.

In fact, Ziggler was accepted in a law school at Arizona State University, however,the WWE got to him before he could start his first semester.

Video game aficionado and member of The NewDay, Xavier Woods has many academic achievements under his belt outside of the WWE.

Woods graduatedfrom Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina with two degrees in psychology andphilosophy but what is also impressive is the fact that Woods studied for both whilealso wrestling under a contract with TNA at the time.

Woods has also managed to gain aMaster’s degree in psychology from Walden University and is even currently working ona Ph.


in educational psychology from Capella University.

So the “PhD” part on his Twitterusername is justified.

We will have to call him Dr.

Woods soon, or rather, Dr.


#Kayfabe Some might not have heard of Christopher Nowinskidue to his premature retirement from wrestling but for those who do, you will know that hecompeted in the first series of Tough Enough and was one of the three finalists losingout to Maven Huffman.

Nowinski is renowned for being the youngest ever Hardcore Championand also WWE’s first Harvard alumnus… Sorry Otunga.

He graduated from Harvard Universitywith a degree in Sociology and during his time in the WWE he was known by several namesincluding “Chris Harvard” and “Harvard Chris”.

Nowinski now works as a consultantfor Trinity Partners while serving as the Co-Founder and President of the ConcussionsLegacy Foundation.

This list would not be complete without featuringformer WWE wrestler and current SmackDown colour commentator, David Otunga.

He has achievedmany great things academically and at an early age he graduated from Larkin High School inChicago, Illinois with a perfect GPA of 4.


Otunga then earned a degree in psychologyfrom the University of Illinois before working as a lab manager in the cognitive neurosciencecentre at Columbia University.

Not only this but Otunga went on to graduate from HarvardLaw School, which was made very clear every time he entered a WWE ring, and passed hisBar Examination, allowing him to practice Law in a given jurisdiction.

He spent sometime working as a Lawyer for the Sidley Austin Law firm before pursuing a career in the WWE.

From a Harvard Law School graduate to a SmackDown colour commentator.

That’s one way to usea Harvard Law degree, I suppose.