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Most wrestlers would usually warm up beforea match by doing a couple of push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

But this is Cesaro we’re talkingabout, The Swiss Superman, one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE today.

Regular push-upsdon’t cut it for The Swiss Superman, so instead he does push-ups but with extra weight.

These include: Hindu push-ups, reverse push-ups, dive bomber push-ups and handstand push-ups,just to name a few.

Cesaro explained saying, “They’re old-school, and they make yourbody stronger and more functional.

I’m always very excited because I love to compete.

”Not only this but Cesaro likes to warm up his shoulders by using bands and tries touse his surroundings to incorporate exercises, whenever possible.

For example, if there arestairs he would jump up and down on them.

Collectively these warm-ups help him to stayfocused as well as stay in the right mind-set before he goes out and delivers a great matchin the ring.

Former WWE wrestler, Booker T had a rather‘interesting’ pre-match ritual during his days of wrestling in the WWE.

He wouldusually prepare himself by meditating for an hour before doing a pre-match jump roperitual for 30 minutes straight in order to warm-up his body.

Surely that must be it,right? Wrong.

In addition to jumping rope, Booker T would also do around 300 push-upsand a couple hundred sit-ups and to top this all off, he would drink a couple of Red Bullsfor that extra energy burst.

Now can you dig that sucka! The Lunatic fringe, Dean Ambrose is not youraverage “dude”.

He likes to work-out in the desert as opposed to a gym in order tohelp relax his mind and get his spirit energised but just before a match he is in the calmestpossible state.

In an interview, Ambrose revealed what his pre-match ritual consists of, saying,“I listen to some Hank Williams before I go out.

I tell some jokes.

I have fun.

I don’twaste too much energy thinking about it – I like to save that all for the ring.

The calmestpart of my day is right before a match.

” Hank Williams… it’s an odd choice of musicfor a lunatic, if you ask me but then again I don’t know what’s going on inside alunatic’s head.

Who remembers the stinkface? One of Rikishi’ssignature moves, which involved him rubbing his butt cheeks in the face of an opponentlying in the corner of the ring.

To add further humiliation, Rikishi would actually fart inthe face of his opponent when performing the move and he has admitted to farting in thefaces of the following: Road Dogg, Trish Stratus, Booker T, Tori, Mike Fox, Eddie Guerrero,B-2, William Regal, Stephanie McMahon, Lance Storm, Eric Bischoff, Teddy Long and VinceMcMahon.

Just imagine if Rikishi had a bad bout of diarrhoea or something and shat himselfwhen performing a stinkface… actually let’s not imagine that.

In order to prepare himselffor his stinkface signature, it has been stated that Rikishi would often let one rip, or afew I should say in the bathroom stalls as a pre-match ritual.

Arguably the most famous pre-match ritualin WWE history has to be that of Goldberg’s.

The build-up to his entrance really capturesthe essence of a tough guy and let’s face it, no-one would ever dream of pissing theguy off.

His pre-match routine consists of him head-butting a door in order to get himselfpsyched before slamming it open and being escorted to the ring by police officers orsecurity guards.

However, in a recent episode of RAW on the 23rd January 2017, Goldbergdelivered a promo with a noticeable gash on his forehead with blood streaming down hisface.

It turned out that he busted himself open from doing his pre-match ritual head-buttand so he decided that it was time to retire it after it made him feel “loopy”.

Goldbergtook to Instagram saying, “Going out a limb.

but I'm putting the pre match headbutton the shelf for now.

kinda made me a bit loopy out there.

” If you think about it,I guess you could say that the door has done more damage to Goldberg than Lesnar has doneover the past few weeks.