All proper guys right here we go This is likely one of the greater matches this isn’t for a title, however you would say that there’s a main implication for this, Kenny omega versus Homo Hero Ece – my hero eradicated [Kenny] [Omega] and mainly spherical one Final time the [basis].

I imply actually it was is for thee it was the oh God it was the brand new Japan Cup that was clearly one by Shibata These one of many hardest guys in wrestling proper now And that’s ece this man is a troublesome mom fucker, [so] this needs to be a enjoyable match to look at so final 12 months [Tomohiro] eee [took] [on] [tatooine] 1904 the iWGp heavyweight champion.

He was not profitable at that But it surely was as a result of uh clearly [loss] is about [his] age upon Right here we go there.

He’s the stone pit Bull This man is a troublesome mom fucker [I] Imply actually his head butt can kill you [I]? Like that constructed like a fireplace hydrant.

[that] [is] good things He actually is that this man is constructed like a fireplace hydrant [Tama] [Hashey] former ring of Honor tv Champion Former by no means open weight champion IwGp tag group champions is a really embellished athlete [alright].

There's the steadiness is she simply home of fireside clothesline omega counters taking them within the nook and the large shoulder sort out to omega Ichi Scooping them up omega goes down geese underneath the clothesline good German Suplex omega landed on his head off the ropes cozy she trigger I do know Clothesline as a substitute oh my God.

He [she] simply has a solution for every little thing proper now popping him up What a powerbomb one [two] no Nearly gained it proper there may be she up the ropes clothesline missed omega rolling out of the ring [cheese] man he wanted to do this and he she proper behind him.

He's not giving him any kind of reprieve [I'm] [wondering] she has a vendetta towards omega as a result of man he's going proper after him Meaghan pushed into the barricade metal mainly very vicious I simply can not imagine ege only a home afire omega going face first into the aprofessionaln ece now Getting pulled on proper on his face Omega holding on large boot to the midsection of Ishii bobbing up I Was going to do a springboard one thing or one other however regarded it He she was type of making an attempt to go for one approach to angel.

It regarded like omega Getting again drops on the ground Okay, that damage.

[I] assume [I] even felt that Now [ece] usher in a chair No, does it appear to be it right here comes omega operating Dropkick as virtually like a drive-by kick virtually like a roman reigns kick to a she Who's down? Who's damage omega now has the benefit I? Can not imagine ece simply Like unleashing hell on Omega in a short time and [omegas] like ah no no no that's not going to occur And now omega choosing up.

He/she right into a powerbomb on the aprofessionaln.

That's hurting 19 and solely a 19 rely is she rolling in and rolling proper again out? I'd say that's a wise transfer by [Ete].

Oh Right here we go [dinging] Benjamin Perhaps for a suicide dive right here by omega Right here he comes.

No type proper to the face of omega is she getting on the aprofessionaln to do this that was Sensible? Now grabbing on to omega Gonna thrown to the [outside] of the ring it seems Like oh my gosh omega dropping his weight although again within the ring for him proper to the face They type once more Now possibly a suplex of his personal is she kicking No, you see making an attempt to get omega up and over the referee proper there Large type proper to the face by omega there it’s once more There it’s a third time eg Headbutt proper to the proper to the pinnacle omega large There's a seaside set off proper to the aspect of the pinnacle of ishii now omega double Unbel for Nelson Suplex And there's one other [V-Trigger] one [-] [no] after [2] [V] triggers It didn’t hold me she e down Omega clearly very pissed off that he couldn’t choose up the victory with the V triggers Very shocked that he didn't assume that he couldn't Omega again as much as his toes then.

I attempt to choose up eee Finest he are you able to see is sort of like lifeless weight at this level Omega Gonna go for one winged Angel Get them up Preventing out of it It does simple type proper to the face of omega omega attempt hit a boob acquired caught Large Clothesline omega Simply acquired nailed that clothesline wow Now you’d assume whoever wins this matches professionalbably the subsequent contender for the iWGp heavyweight championship You’ll assume however you by no means know you by no means know is what new Japan does half of the time? Togi Makabe is Proper there.

He's nonetheless a commentary for aspect.

I'm curious on why he’s nonetheless there He's not part of Chaos or bullet membership for him proper to the face of omega Omega Kind proper to the face of a she is she e with a type to omega And there it’s once more omega actually buying and selling blows with the e ge that's not The way in which to do that chop proper to the chest Omega possibly gonna attempt to go for an additional one.

They're each damage and really dangerous one other big chop, proper to the chest Omega Gonna go for a giant one.

No my gosh, and have a look at he see nope Oh, properly, he simply acquired spiked on his head and stated She's man, what a dDT? What a dDt that [three] chopped exchanging he she was stood up proper on his head large kick proper to the midsection and now he she [II] getting a bunch of kick stomp proper to the again I do know if I can't see the time then it gained't really feel prefer it's taking without end a Couple of strikes there and have a look at this.

He's she [e] getting a kick proper [to] the again and have a look at you She's like come on.

I would like extra He's [just] sitting within the nook ready for extra kicks and now are you able to make I used to be a giant hen out raking the underside of his boot proper on the face of the Stone Pit Bull [a] [she] They put proper to the proper underneath the chin of ece omega Undoubtedly is the Advancer proper now on this contest? Undoubtedly kicking ass and taking names Omega Gonna twist a head round of ece, possibly Nope.

He’s gonna attempt to counter omega.

Oh, that is dangerous There's a neckbreaker Omega into the pin one two and no and now I Don't know what that is making an attempt to be There we go turning extra in the direction of the physique right here with a camel clutch like maneuver modified He’s in a lot bother proper now and Kenny.

Simply pulling again on the pinnacle And now rake within the eyes I'll throw the twisting elbow Right here's the pin and every of you with a fast [kick-out] Large elbow proper to the again of the pinnacle of ishii Now these elbows proper to the again of the pinnacle of ece omega actually taken down [a] [she] In an amazing quantity of bother now you see beginning to combat again with some chops over [and] over once more Omega off the ropes is she gonna hit a clothesline.

Nope omega holding on boot proper to the face Right here we go.

Oh man that was Driving his head proper into the [canvas] with a modified Famouser omega beginning to combat again once more man this occasions very again and Forth years of pin [on] [ishii] – and no Nonetheless solely the 2 Examine proper to the higher again there.

That's nonetheless going to have an effect on that neck Keep in mind plenty of [these] strikes are going to have an effect on ece if Kenny Omega can someway hit the one winged angel in L omega slap at the back of the pinnacle and hit at the back of the neck Wow have a look at this very defiant at purchasing [ece] Like nope kick him proper within the face Chop proper to the again of [the] head chop proper to the chest and he isn’t promoting it You simply [fat] in every face And now [ishii] again as much as his [feet] Staring down omega chopped proper to the chest and [he] she is nope You're not gonna.

Do something.

This isn’t good These varieties and now you she laying into these forearms [Jeez] man he’s actually simply laying in these 4 large 4 are by Ishii, Ii Wow Now spitting within the face of omega [Ichi] taking Omega Nook-to-Nook operating Clothesline [oppa] Mega rolling by way of There we go Kick to the midsection Omega up the ropes and see what a slam [omegas] within the ropes on the far aspect right here after that throw Ishii II now Perhaps I eat.

Oh Suplex omega holding on although That's sensible Omega want to carry on as a lot as potential elbows to the again of the pinnacle There's a suplex By ishii, right here's a pin 1 2 omega kicked out once more Wonderful again and Forth match up right here between these two Omega holding on to the ropes.

He's nonetheless holding on to the ropes refusing to surrender.

He simply slapped him within the face Kind proper to the face by ishii countered by omega.

[oh] right here.

We go up Let's Roll by way of moonsault pin 1 to ece kicked out What a enjoyable backwards and forwards [matchup].

That is omega dragging ece into the center of the ring Omega have to go up and hit one thing right here Nop she again as much as his toes for proper to the chest of omega leaping Headbutt proper to the chest of Omega Who's nonetheless standing on the highest rope? [E]? She's following proper behind him on the second rope? Perhaps for a superplex? That is actually dangerous [for] each guys right here.

Oh My gosh, ece.

What a superplex? Right here's the pin 1 2 omega kicked out Now he's she off the ropes large chop to the chest by Omega D She with a chop of his personal proper now for wrote off the ropes good, leaping Hurricanrana by Omega [Dropkick] there goes ece over the barricade.

That's type of bizarre There are two totally different barricades.

He's not within the individuals but Omega slap within the canvas and persons are getting behind him right here Omega now springboard Crossbody Over one barricade hitting ece.

[who's] on the opposite aspect? superior nice supply of Athleticism there And there’s no padding on the market both That’s simply that’s only a concrete ground after that first barricade Omega dragging his physique over the barricade getting again into the ring He’ll take the Depend-out victory it does look like ece Getting within the ring is properly at 18 the brand new Japan it's a 20 rely and that's a conventional rely for many wrestling professionalmotions even again within the territory days Are you able to omega? High Rope dropkick [right] [to] the again of the pinnacle omega now Gonna go for Sit-Out Powerbomb One [two] andy she kicked out once more.

How did [she] kick out once more? Man, what a match what a match what a present? This crowd is firmly behind omega right here Kenny Omega Arm is up right here.

We go.

Perhaps one other V set off Up the ropes right here.

We go in.

I used to be making an attempt [to] go for [it] once more German Suplex Omega touchdown on his toes German Suplex to ece Ishii immediately off the ropes large want the Set off one [-] [zoe] she kicked out once more How did it he kick out once more? This match has been insane what an ideal contest women and gents [Kenny] [Omega] goes to attempt to get ece again to his toes cutthroat Right here we go Has him up no twist it down.

She's mind buster [super] [Kick] [-] unright underneath the chin [omega] doesn’t have the younger bucks with him which is bizarre Large clothesline What a clothesline? You may go for the pin you go for mind buster.

Go over one of many two? [but] [we] need a backwards and forwards match.

That is the longest match of the night time as properly – an FyI Attempting to go off the roast however omega holding on to the ropes and massive head However proper between the eyes gotta need to watch out these [caught] locked Locked proper on the elbow making an attempt to be set off.

No lifeless, however proper to the jaw [hyup] ropes.

There's a clothesline [wow] What a clothesline – no, no mega nonetheless kicked out what a improbable improbable match tomorrow if she Selecting up omega.

Perhaps he's [gonna] go for one winged Angel on [Kenny] [omega] [no], what the hell was that? Knee proper to the again of that off the [roll] there it’s nailed it one two no large [omega] kicked out, how did I make a kick out of the Cedar Clothesline I? Don't imagine it.

He’s [one] titles with that omega exhibiting his presence.

He’s exhibiting his personal right here towards a she cutthroat calling for it once more He's acquired a success mind buster right here.

We go mind Buster Mind buster remark omega [counters] reverse Frankensteiner lands superior again of his head Proper on that neck that has been labored on all the match oh my God, oh So I assumed that was blood is his purple footwear omega Slap within the canvas Omega now possibly ready for one winged Angel All about revenge positive for omega slapping rain [to] face the chief of Bullet Membership And undoubtedly a giant member on your Chaos right here I'll throw if it goes Kenny will get clotheslined by [eec] typically [Kenny] [omega] what I [need] what a b, set off [knee] all of his weight behind it omega Bam Large Clothesline he landed on his [head] one two no God oh My God this man won’t keep down [oh] Man, what a Suplex mind buster proper on the knee of omega? [he] she is damage very dangerous omega Gonna go for the Set off right here we go, Settin up and He doing a reverse frankensteiner you don’t see e.

She doing a reverse frankensteiner countering one winged Angel Bam Clothesline omega landed on his head one two, no No once more, [you] kicked out oh My God, what a match [this] [has] been match of the night time by a rustic mile, and we nonetheless have another match after this What does ece need to do what does omega need to do? Brainbuster, no [omega] counters [Eg] counters the counter into [Guri] [-] Omega large 4 proper to the face of ishii once more ece staggers again Large slap proper to the face of Ishii one other slap by Omega God man, these who’ve been beating one another up for 25 minutes? a number of boards time and again and over auth ropes large knee proper underneath the chin once more Falls lastly up for Mind buster one [two], no No How did he kick-out? This needs to be it one winged Angel one two Teddy Omega wins the match.